learning about who links to my blog

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    http://wholinkstome.com/ offers to inform me who links to my blog, if i insert an html code somewhere in my blog. i have already done this.
    i would love to know from anyone what they think of this service. also, can anyone refer another, possibly better one?

    many thanks



    actually by inserting their “code”, you link to them and all their paid advertising links as well, of course.

    this site is a pure bullshit.

    using a ‘link:http://shomoshor.wordpress.com/‘ query string on most SE will get you desired info.



    you can also search who links to you via technorati by typing your url in the search box.


    thanks so much,
    both of you!
    sigh, there is so much to learn in blogosphere!



    one at a time. =) and there’s also the option of not learning… i’ve css upgrade and i haven’t bothered to learn the nitty gritty details!

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