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least cost back-up your blog at home plan - rss subscriptions

  1. drmike - I have 82 posts on my blog satrted April 8th at http://timethief.wordpress. I have no back-up of these files on my own computer at all since the corrupted disc "incident" or shall I say "catastrophe"? I'm aware that Matt has said WordPress is backing up our files at their end and that's nice. But from my end I feel paranoia running deep through my veins. So for agrument's sake if I were to open each of these 82 posts and make some small edit like ading a space after a paragraph and then clck "save" would I then be able to get them off my feed through my subscriptions to bloglines and feedblitz, copy them to disc or to my hard drive and have my own back-ups? Or is proposing to do this 10 at a time (1) totally off the wall? (2) fraught with unforessen problems? (3) yada , yada. In other words, what say you to what I'm proposing?

  2. Try looking in Options > Discussion, change Syndication Feeds to a high number. Make a test post. "Hi !" then get your entire feed.
    And then drop it back to 10 :)

  3. Hey Podz - thumbs up! I'm going to go for it.

  4. Woah! Podz I'm looking at options > discussion in my blog and there is no "feed syndication" on this page. Now my eyes are crossed and I'm totally confused %( so please throw me a life line.

    Edit: options > reading and I hit paydirt for feed syndication. Here goes.

  5. We do also have that option to do an export via Dashboard -> Manage -> Export. Granted, the only place you can use that is here at

    Haven't tried it yet myself.

  6. It worked. Which is to say all of my posts came through to bloglines. Now I'm wondering if that alone isn't sufficient for my needs. I mean to say copying and pasting them is a time consuming endeavor and then putting them on disk could just amount to overkill. So, what do the helpful staff and moderator think? [Sheesh no more use the endearing word "geek" is going to be awfully hard to adjust to she whined to herself, but I wouldn't want to offend any of those that can cruise at high speed through cyber space as though powered by wings, now would I?];)

  7. Check this: yesterday, by accident, i deleted my blog.... (don't ask how, it's very dumb). Then I send one email to support, and 2 hours later it was back! How's that for a back-up security!

    Even still, altough I know have more faith in the security system of wordpress then in my own sanity, i would also like to have a local copy of all my post. Would be nice if every post I make online automatically saves a copy on my HD, and in case of re-appearing idiocy, I can revert to my back-up myself and leave the heroes of support at rest...

  8. I use BlogDesk, a free offline editor that works very well with wordpress and I automatically get a back-up of every post on my harddrive. Maybe you would like to try it

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