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    I think that this post is dedicated to the staff who regularly reads this forum…
    when a post is published, under the title you have a section after the date of publication “Leave a Comment”. As soon as it has been commented, the string is changes in “X (number) comments”. When you have comments and click you are driven to the comments section. But when you click on Leave a Comment, … you are not, nothing happens. It looks like a little bug.
    I really thought it would be reported by someone because I noticed this at the very begining; but now I got some remarks from visitors and I would apreciate if Staff could fix this…
    And at the same time, if they could add this string Leave a Comment to the Glotpress strings ? In France we did not find the way to translate this string and some little others that I have gathered HERE . I hoped to transmit it to the support staff for Xavier.

    The blog I need help with is earlflosse.wordpress.com.


    It does seem to be broken. I’ve tagged this topic so that staff will see it and hopefully respond in a short period of time.



    Thanks for reporting this! It does appear to be a bug in the Structure theme. I will report this to our designers so we can get it fixed as soon as possible.



    Thanks a lot, thesacredpath and tfardella :)



    Thank you all of you….

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