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  1. People love to receive traffic to their site and even more so comments, so why not leave a comment on the above user's blog saying why you like it or not and how to improve. Go on give it a go, it might even be fun-but don't hold me to that...

    The blog I need help with is

  2. OK, I'll bite. You will find my comment if you care to look. :-)

  3. BOOM! Commented.

  4. Most kind of you, Pete.

    I am now the above user again. Dang.

  5. Co-homented!!!!

  6. oh wait I was too slow....will comment on you @lettershometoyou

  7. I commented on yours, easy to do, you write very well.

  8. Left a comment-lovely blog by the way :)

  9. I will check you both out! (not sure who is next. . .)

  10. Okay so I dropped a comment :P
    Bring on any comment!

  11. Pizzow commented.

  12. Mission complete.

  13. Fist bump. Done, Dude. :)

  14. Christmas gift for you.

  15. Good idea for a forum thread. I just left a comment on your Prague post as I've been there myself.

  16. Lock stock and a smoking comment.

  17. Hah! I'm in the process of reading your blog now Sami! A comment shall be following!

  18. Good thread and appropriate for the holiday season...the gift of commenting. Except one has to find time!!

    Oh well, in good between shopping, partying and eating.

  19. I did comment to ardpete after all.

    Just reactivating this thread. Give the holidy gift of a blog comment to your fellow forum members here. :)

  20. Dropped a comment!
    Please feel free to speak your mind, whether you liked my post or hated it I'll be interested to know :)

  21. Posted!

  22. Right posted a comment-
    Let's try and get this up and running again because we all love feedback on our work :)

  23. Just left my comment. Cheers.

  24. posted a comment!
    Let's do this! Comment people :)

  25. OK - I'm in. *Waving at Joe*

  26. Commented :)

  27. Done :)

  28. Puppy loved.
    (I have edited so many times today. ..forgive me the inconsistencies of format. I think it may be there now otherwise. )

  29. Funny post. tessf! I commented. :)

  30. Commented-Fun Christmas post, I like it :)

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