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  1. very sad development indeed joe :(

  2. Nice pics.. great tunes :)

  3. C-c-c-commented!

  4. funny description of the waiting room - well done!

  5. I love the photograph PLUS the WP snow was falling so it looked wintery too! I like I like!

  6. Commented! I love that the most recent post was one from Pete, but on your site. Double awesomeness!

  7. I am a huge fan of @insanityaquarium and have been for some time. This post made me wish (briefly) that I worked again in retail or hospitality if only to have some good stories to tell again.

    My favorite line? "And with that she was gone… lost in a swirl of ladies lingerie and assorted slippers." It was like she was an old lady Santa Claus who'd just put his finger to his nose and gone up the chimney.

    Skip reading my blog -- just go to @insanityaquarium's. :) Seriously.

  8. Dropped a remark. Great memory and little blog post!

  9. Really interesting post about Prague - also really nice pictures - all together very extensive information about the city!

  10. Left a comment :) Nice picture

  11. Left a comment, joe. Tip: Rage Against the Machine will never get you in the Christmas spirit. :-)

  12. LOVE your last post, momfog. I was giggling like a demented ferret, which is always a good thing.

  13. seems like there is are a lot of things going on in supermarkets I have never realized before :)

  14. @theinsanityaquarium: Commented!

  15. you jumped over one dingledodie ;)

  16. Commented-Lovely pictures and interesting read Stefan :)

  17. I did drop by and gave advice when to experience snow. :D

  18. Done! Very nice blog, too!

    What a fun idea for a thread!

  19. Comment added. You are a talented dog, yes you are [pat pat]

  20. Commented on your post-got me thinking, thanks

  21. very true post joe!

  22. Commented! I literally love your site.

  23. Thought I would try and get this up and running (or should I say commenting?) again- so naturally I've commented!
    Come comment your days away :)

  24. Done and commented.

  25. Nice blog Daniel. Comment left.

  26. Commented-best of luck with the challenge :)

  27. Left a comment for you. Good post.

  28. Commented!
    Others are to comment on this interesting post of mine, ♫
    Not on my current blog.

  29. Left a comment. :)

  30. Done! I did it because I saw the last post was maidiebike's, and I love that blog! I'm always so impressed by bikers! How on earth do you have all that energy!?!

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