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Leaving A Comment ~ Please help!

  1. When I log out, and leave a test comment on my blog, it OPTIONALLY asks me for URL and email. My blog is intended to be a safe way for pre/teen girls to communicate. Is there a way I can remove the request for these?

  2. I just don't want girls to be disappointed if their parents can't trust us because of this.

  3. Unfortunetely not for the optional entries. That is part of the system that the end user cannot change. Sorry. Email address is mandatory for posting comments though if I am correct in saying that.


  4. You can remove the requirement for the email address but the field would still be there. Dashboard -> Options -> Discussion.

    Please remember that you are pretty much required by law here in the US to get their parents permission before doing what you're doing.

  5. Yeah, I know about the law. What I want is for girls to show their parents what a TRUSTWORTHY (i.e., doesn't want email addresses) site it is, get their permission, and be able to safely chat with anonymous girls throughout the country/globe.

  6. you could hide the forms in CSS, with the custom CSS upgrade, but that's not free.

  7. That CSS upgrade would be a problem - I'm a broke teen. I am too young to get a job, and I've already spent my allowance at the mall LOL!

  8. I've bookmarked this forum page into my WordPress Favorites for later. Thank you, everyone.

  9. You can also track your favorite forum posts by going to the top of this thread and choose "Add this topic to your favorites". Then you can view your favorite threads later by going to your profile!


  10. You could post in a sidebar widget that you do not distribute the email addresses, etc. That has an impact, although it's not a perfect solution. I applaud what you're doing, though, and wish you the best of luck.

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