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leaving links

  1. I know that this may seem like a idiotic question to most...but how do you leave a link in in this forum. I know how leave a link in a post....but people leave links do you do that? I have NEVER learned how to do this, and I would really like to know. Any response and help would be appreciated. :0)

  2. Just type the link. The system will automatically recognise it and turn it into a link. :)

  3. One minor change on that. Just make sure you have the http:// on it.

    For example:



  4. Much thanks!

  5. One more quick question though....when you type the link out with the http:// on it will it show up in that format? Sometimes people leave links but the words that are typed out where the link is located are totally different than the link itself. Understand what I a meaning by this? How can I do that? Again I apologize for my inexperience with this!! :)

  6. you can use an "a" html tag so that it would look like

    <a href="">Dr Mike's blog</a>

    leaving the spaces in so it displays so you can read it (I hope) would display like

    Dr Mike's blog

    Is that what you mean?

    That is what is know as a basic "href" or "a" command and is standard html. :o)

  7. See...I am no good with the html....but if I understand what you are so wonderfully trying to teach me.... :) if I add this at the front and the end, then any link I leave will show up with whatever text i entered after the >....after the link.

    OMG, that explaination doesn't sound confusing at all!! Sorry

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