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Leaving WordPress, any idea why?

  1. Can anyone tell me why someone deactivate their blogs? Do you have any idea?

    This is the second time I visited great blogs that suddenly disappear :(

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Well, some people get really busy, or they just lose interest, I guess. I've visited many awesome blogs that get a seriously huge amount of hits but the guy hasn't posted in a year. It's always disappointing to see a good shoujo blog neglected. Good news is, FuyuMaiden is back! ^_^

  3. Usually bloggers lose interest or have no motivation to blog. I lost interest in my previous blog, but created another blog with a different theme. The first 6 months are usually the hardest for bloggers.

  4. theinsanityaquarium

    I had a blog when I was a young teenager that I removed a few years ago because the posts were no longer relevant to my interests, and alot of the things I wrote had no relation to my current life and so I wouldn't have wanted any potential employers etc. to have stumbled upon the blog and thought that was all I was capable of.

    That's actually the reason why I choose to blog anonymously now, because even if what I write turns out to be totally awful, no-one's gonna track me down and laugh at me because of it :)

    Having said that, I do kind of wished that I had backed up some of my blog posts from my old blog, as it would have been interesting to have read now, or in the future, what was going on in my mind all those years ago!

  5. theinsanityaquarium, you can use the Way back machine to retrieve your former blog posts, even if you deleted them all.
    Simply go to
    Type in your former blog address and there you have it, your blog in all its glory.

  6. My bad, the web address is
    Way Back Machine



  7. theinsanityaquarium

    That would be fantastic if I could just remember, for the life of me, what my old blog address was... time to do some digging, methinks.

  8. My wife made me delete my blog and gravatar picture (tezcatlipoca2011). She didn't like the material I was posting. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

  9. My main concern is what she was doing out of the kitchen for her to notice!

  10. godhistoryandyou

    I know a couple of bloggers who have found that longer term blogging got rather stressful for of them recently quit, after a couple of years or more, for that reason. She had a huge following, but the whole thing took up to much time, I guess, as well as a possible emotional toll.

    In her case, though, she went back to school & chose to use time once spent blogging for study, instead.

  11. Hi Tezcat...I like your blog...but too bad when I want to check your blog again, it's gone :(

    You shouldn't feel bad with whatever you can always put a password ;)

    I often wrote things I don't like about my office but they all passworded.

    I have been away for a while...didn't realize this thread has many replies :)

  12. @Godhistory That's a good reason, I can appreciate such act. I am going to reduce my blogging as well soon to prepare for my proficiency test. But my reducing means I will visit less blogs than usual, not reducing my post at all.

    I just love writing too much. But that was just me...I guess.

  13. godhistoryandyou


    I can relate! I didn't specifically include myself in the stressed-out issue, but actually it has often applied to me, too. I back off for awhile, but always come back...Not writing is just NOT a good idea for some of us!

    FYI - a potential issue when visiting less blogs, eventually it may mean less traffic. I lost some really special blog visitors awhile back b/c I backed off visiting their sites.

  14. Less visiting means I don't visit new blogs...but I will always visit my regular readers/bloggers who have become friends over the years. I have some blog-friends and no matter how busy I am, I always try reading their blogs, they do the same with mine.

    I don't really care with traffic in the sense of views only...I have over 400views a day but that don't mean much because they are only passing by...What I care the most is those who left comments. No matter how busy I am, I always find time to visit them back.

    I can understand your losing blog visitor...honestly, I'd do the same when time is againts me, limited time means visiting only those who visit back ;)

  15. godhistoryandyou

    I applaud your loyalty!

    And yeah, I don't blame any of my former visitors who faded away...mainly my fault, my choices.

  16. Due to some internal conflict I was forced to delete my old blog tezcatlipoca2011 (Friendship Is Universal). But due to popular demand I have started a new blog which does include some of the old favorites. ;)

    Dreams, Visions, and Conjures

  17. Welcome back :)

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