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    I have a new theme as my last one no longer worked for me. I noticed as I was clicking on several items that there is an arrow in the upper right hand of my site http://www.secondchancetolive.wordpress.com. By clicking on the arrow a portal opens to another persons blog material which I have not given permission to have on my blog/site. I left a comment to that affect, asking the person to remove their material and the arrow linking my site/blog to their site. I am not happy about this leeching.

    How do I get rid of this person with their blog and prevent others from trying to link up with my site, in the future with out my expressed written permission?



    Sounds like you clicked on the “next blog” link in the top blue bar, taking you to another blog. I do not think they are posting on your blog.




    I agree with ozrisk. You probably just had never noticed the arrow before. It takes you to a random wordpress blog. Try clicking it again and see if you get the same content; if by some trick of chance you do, take a look at the URL, which shouldn’t have anything about secondchancetolive in it.

    Good luck :-)


    Thanks for the head’s up guys. I do not want my readers to inadvertently click on the arrow and think that I am endorcing or that being part of my material. I may be over reacting, but I am wanting to keep my site pure. I do not want people who come to my site to read about material that is meant to empower, encourage and motive to inadvertently open another blog that is offensive and therefore stop coming to my site. I have recently received an endorsement from the US Department of Labor and I want to keep my site pure. Thanks for understanding.





    The good thing is if your readers aren’t logged into wordpress.com, they won’t even see the arrow. :-)


    Thanks so much for the clarity. I guess I can let this one go. Thanks for helping me understand. Have a nice evening.



    I think you owe that other blogger an apology, since you left a comment on their site accusing them of hijacking your blog.



    Also, you cannot prevent people from linking to you. Linking is considered a form of respect, and is essential to help your blog do well in search engines and on Technorati. Trying to control the process of linking to you is as pointless and self-destructive as trying to prevent people from talking about you.



    No one should link to your blog without your express written permission? I am sorry but her are a couple of ideas. Do a bit of reading. Or close your blog.


    Hi Raincoaster… Thanks for your encouragement. I am ahead of you on this curve. I left a message yesterday evening. I am prone to “foot in mouth itis” sometimes and when I realize that I have offended or may have hurt someone by something I said or did, I am quick to make an amends. Below are 2 comments that I left for that blogger. Hope this clears the air.

    Comment made 16 hours ago:
    I do not know who you are or how you put this on my site, but you do not have permission to keep it here. Please remove the arrow and the direct to your site.

    Comment 14 hours ago:
    I am sorry for the comment above. I did not know better. The arrow was placed there by WordPress to introduce other blogs. Please accept my apology. Blog On!

    Comment 12 hours ago:
    I wanted to let you know that my Dad passed away on January 10, approximately 2 months ago. He had periods of dementia over the last several years. No one really knew that he suffering from Alzheimer’s, until back in late November 2006, when Mom took him to the emergency room for unrelated issues. It was at that time my Dad was diagnosed with pneumonia. Once he was admitted to the hospital, he was diagnosed with stage 2 Alzheimer’s. They say the cause of death was Alzheimers, but he also had some congestive heart failure.

    My Mom is coping one day at a time since Dad made his transition in January. They would have been married 51 years January 28 and he would have been 94 on February 3. Our family has started a new and different journey since my Dad passed away. God bless you in your process with you Dad. One day at a time.

    I hope this clears the air with that blogger and with all who have an opinion.



    That sounds like you did a very thorough job. Good for you; if someone had left a comment trail like that on my blog I’d be very inclined to make a post about that just to clarify for the people who hadn’t seen it in the comments. Good for you. Karma counts, as you know.


    I agree with you. I would appreciate kind gesture. Spiritual progress, rather than spiritual perfection is my goal. My responsibility is to keep my side of the street clean and to make amends, except when to do so would injure them or myself. Have a great weekend.

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