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  1. Yes folks ! After many months of waiting for our new PC, we have finally reopened our new blog and have resumed normal activity! Moreover, we have redesigned it for a much better look!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Nicely done Leetgamer. :)

  3. Why thank you. If anyone finds any irregularities, please let me know!

  4. good to see more gaming sites using Mine, ( has been going now for some time (launched in Aug 07 under and was renamed in December 08 as OXCGN.

    Gaming is a niche market, and unlike other markets, gamers can be very severe and brutal with regards to sites they view.

    Believe me, I've had my fair share of negative comments and feedback on other sites about directing traffic (readers) to OXCGN.

    If you do want some tips, simply ask, would love to help where possible specifically with gaming sites. While being a Xbox platform site, we do have a great deal of Sony supporters onside as well, which obviously says a great deal for how we supply the content, and as timethief has pointed out, "content is king".

    OXCGN has gained a name for its articles more than reviews. God, everyone does reviews, they are done to death, but few spend the time to create unique articles based on the current news or trends or influences in gaming.

    Many rely on simply rehashing the news in short blurb posts, with links to the main article on another site.

    This does very little for your credibility, and certainly dose not have the reader return regularly. As an example, our readers spend around 6 - 10 mins per page on our site, where usual game sites times are around 2-5 mins.

    This has taken time, experience, mistakes (ie lessons) and trial and error. Plus listening to those who have come up with successful ways of doing things, and emulating them.

    If there's any specific Q/s you have, list them, and we can go through them. That applies to any gaming site . . .

  5. I'm looking for guest writers on my blog. Strictly about PC games only. Please check out this post :

  6. Some modern warfare 2 hints per request :

  7. themoviereport

    A well written and informative site, although seems aimed at the PC crowd. Will drop by again.

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