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  1. Hey all, me again. Anyways, I've had a thread here before but it's been closed due to inactivity. Just wanted to say that I've made a few changes, got some new authors, and new content in it! Not only am I aiming for PC but we're also expanding on the xbox360 slowly.

    Also, I'm still looking for more authors, so contact me!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. 1 year blog anniversary is on March the 9th 2010! Possible contest coming soon!

  3. Today is the 1 year anniversary! I am also giving out 50 Heroes of Newerth beta keys at: !

  4. Although I'm not a gamer, I had a look at your blog and I like the layout. It's very clean. If you've made it to the first year, you'll probably do well, if you're not doing well already. Happy anniversary!

  5. Thanks alot, appreciate it! :) Best of luck with youts!

  6. *yours, sorry :/

  7. Everlast rants about Bad Company 2 at:

  8. Napoleon: Total War review coming soon. Future vlogs from our authors coming soon. More HoN beta keys available to get, for free!

  9. The blog has a new look! Check it out!

  10. Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening review at:

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