Left sidebar chosen but widgets on right

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    Maybe I’m missing something obvious but I cannot figure this out: In the Widgets menu area I’m putting my widgets in the Left sidebar (and have saved a couple times) but my widgets are all on the right.


    The blog I need help with is seedofthemilkweed.com.



    You don’t understand how the theme is coded. Please see the Vigilance theme description and note there is no actual left sidebar choice. There is a wide sidebar choice on the right hand side of the blog. There is an option for two right hand sidebars ie. one on the left of the right hand side of the theme and another one on the right of the right hand side of the theme. http://theme.wordpress.com/themes/Vigilance/


    Well, no, I didn’t understand how the theme was coded. If I did I probably would not have asked.

    What you are saying makes sense, although it’s still confusing because a) there is this Vigilance-based site with a left side menu and b) there are spots for a 1) wide side bar, 2) right side bar and 3) left side bar.

    Thanks for your prompt reply. Appreciate it.

    I’m sure the next thing, from what I’ve read in these support pages, is to tell me to pick another theme or use wordpress.org but I’m not that jammed up about it. As I said, “maybe I’m missing something obvious…”


    My post came off as argumentative–didn’t mean it. I’m just sleep-deprived with a teething baby. Again, thank you for your response.



    There’s nothing obviopus to be missed here. I know the Vigilance theme well and there is no option for a left hand sidebar that appears on the left side of the blog theme with the posting column on the right hand side. All the sidebar widget areas are located on the right hand side of the blog. Here are the themes with the option for a left-hand sidebar.

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