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Legitimate foreign language (Spanish) comments- first one

  1. This ended up in blog spam, but I could recognize certain words and so use translation software:

    Muy interezante e importante el ordenamiento urbano donde la BICICLETA se le da un espacio ,el vehiculo del futuro que merece difundir la cultura del uso de la BICICLETA

    google translate:
    Very important interezante town planning where the bicycle is given a space, the vehicle of the future that deserves to spread the culture of cycling

    Very interezante and important the urban ordering where the BICYCLE occurs a space him, the vehicle of the future that deserves to spread the culture of the use of the BICYCLE.

    Anyone know enough Spanish, to tell me the best translation of these 2 versions?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. misplacedperson

    Since the second one means virtually nothing in English, I'd go with the first. :-D

  3. The correct writing is "interesante".
    Then, with Google translator: Very interesting and important ...

  4. Thx for the help ludusnaturae. I also had a fluently bilingual French-English friend who translated the same thing as you. I'm not surprised she was able to step in to help since learning abit of Spanish wouldn't be the hardest thing for her.

    I agree was my first choice also.
    Translation software helps one get started, then the harder work is refining on the syntax, grammar by using one's judgement and using a dictionary.

    This is what my partner does whose mother tongue is German, since he's lost alot of German but still he's better than me. (with my eroded Chinese)

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