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    This is a new one: it seems my wife can only enter about two “normal” sized paragraphs in Japanese. Everything after that gets chopped off for some reason. She asked me if there’s any limit to the length of her posts. but this doesn’t sound right to me. Any ideas?




    It’s hard to give advice when I cannot see your blog and theme. You have not provided your wordpress.com blog url and you have linked something other than your wordpress.com blog to your username so this is like stabbing in the dark … sigh…

    There is no length to post limit. You can change the number of lines in the editor box here -> Options -> Writing
    Writing Options
    Size of the post box: ____lines
    (increase the number of lines and click “Update Options” to save)

    If this does not rectify the problem please post again and include the url to the blog in question.



    From what I’ve read, there is no limit. Maybe send in a feedback.



    Ummm … the feedback button does not work on weekends as support is closed. Let’s see if my suggestion works.



    I posted a 23,000 word post once with no problems. There should not be a limit; I wonder if there’s an error with a particular kanji character? Support will be able to help you on Monday if TT’s suggestion doesn’t fix things.


    A-ha! Stupid me… changing the number of lines solved it (but I wonder why the default is set at only 10…). We also found a problem copying text from my wife’s blog (in Japan) and pasting it into WordPress. The problem was solved by pasting the text in question into a text editor first, then copying again and porting it over to WordPress. (Oh, the blog in question is hawaiiantime.wordpress.com). Thanks everyone for the suggestions!



    You’re welcome. :)



    If the characters are being translated into UTF8, each character usually takes up more than a character in teh database. if every character is like that though, I have a feeling that the database record is being filled up quickly.

    You might want to send in a feedback on Monday and raise the issue with staff. They may have a solution like changing the charset for your blog.


    OK, here’s the REAL problem: my wife tried making this emoticon (>_<), which messed up the code somehow and clipped everything after it. She’s since replaced it with a “sanctioned” smiley.

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