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    Hi, I am a novice at blogging. Recently a wordpress helper advised me that I was using wrongly the categories and tags, because I was repeating the same key words for both.
    I have revised all my posts and decided to use fewer categories, the same for all my posts (because the subject matter is basically the same for all of them), while leaving more and more varied keywords for each post’s tags.
    Is this the best way to go, to have the tags to work like sub-categories?
    And another question: could I just decide the categories for all my posts as a sort of default for the whole blog, without having to tick them for each post?
    Any help will be greatly appreciated. Ciao.

    The blog I need help with is livingmoonastrology.wordpress.com.



    Tags and categories work the same on WordPress.com, but that’s not necessarily true of other places online, so that’s a consideration if you’re moving off WordPress.com.

    You can set ONE default category, but for more than one, you have to click them from a list.



    This page might also help to understand the differences.

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