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less complicated...

  1. less complicated...

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hello there,
    Have you located the link to the learn tutorial prepared by Staff? It's on the bottom of you Admin page.

  3. YIKES! The queen typos does it again. I apologize. Please use this correct link

  4. hello,
    thanks a lot , but I'm just new and I sometimes get lost here...I hope I will get used to!

  5. If you read back in the help forum you will find all sorts of questions ask and answered. Just do a bit or reading here and look at the support documents at:

  6. The support documentation is all found at the Support link which is also on the bottom of your Admin page.
    These links may be helpful too:

  7. ~~auxclass
    Good afternoon to you. :)

  8. Morning Morning @TT.

  9. Well, lately, I've been unfortunate to be a person who likes to read and comment on a blog daily that just happens to be running with WordPress. I used to be able to come here and look up the comments that I posted on that blog, and now I can't get to the dashboard to even SEE the link to get to my comments on that blog.

    Those of you who own blogs that you host with WordPress may be happy, because you need to work with them. But my interest is in the BLOG I like, not WordPress. As such, the changes they are doing and making things confusing and inaccessible, are a real pain to those of us who just want to comment and be able to go back to the comments we've made on the BLOGS we like, not be put through a rigamarole by the hosting service. And, I want to read and comment on that blog, not spend a lot of time wading through questions and answers that may or may not exist in some forum. Just please get your stuff working halfway decent, would ya? Thanks.

  10. @olcap
    If you tell us exactly what the URL starting with http:// is for the blog you refer to reading daily and explain your problems, we may be able to help with whatever issues you are experiencing. Would you like to do that?

  11. Sure, it's

  12. Nowhere I go on, even though I am logged on with my account, I simply cannot get to the dashboard no matter what I do no matter what link I click nothing gets me to the dashboard. It seems like everything here is geared to people that own blogs. I do not own a blog. I simply subscribed to a blog, and that's why I'm a WordPress member. For people like me, that have to use WordPress simply because of the blog we like is using it, the changes are nothing but a big pain.

  13. Yes, everything here is geared towards people who blog. It's a blog host.

    Hundreds, if not thousands, of people have been complaining they can't use their Reader etc anymore, including people who blog. Staff are aware of the issue but as far as I can see there's no solution.

    I believe if you register with they will track every comment you make on any site. And it's free.

  14. Hey guys,
    I would like to change my picture...but I don't know how...Could anybody help me?

  15. Go to and change it there, or you can go to Dashboard->Users->My Profile and change it there.

  16. Well, that's it then, right? I mean, people who have a wordpress blog, well, they roll with the changes, but their users, who suddenly are missing functionality they'used to having, are unhappy campers. Nice way to pull the rug out from under us. Thanks for the link to the comment site, I'll use that and hopefully not have to come back here anymore.

  17. Way to not shoot the messenger.

  18. After reading about all the problems people are having with cocomment, it looks like I will have to pass. I guess my only alternative now is to try to urge to stop using wordpress in favor of another blog host.

  19. @olcap
    I don't mean to be rude but I sincerely do not think you will have any inflrunece. That's a VIP hosted blog > Powered by VIP

  20. They are paying thousands upon thousands of dollars, though, so if THEY talk to staff, staff will work harder on the problem.

  21. @timethief
    I don't know how to take your latest comment. I don't take it as rude, I just don't understand what you're getting at. It seems like you're saying that my complaints, (presumably along with others'), will be meaningless because profootballtalk is a VIP hosted blog. That doesn't make sense, unless you assume that VIP hosted blogs don't care what their "customers", (actually

    bread 'n butter), think about irritations at the blog? I've been following this blog for years, long before they moved to NBC and WordPress, and I can tell you, the owner
    about his site and the people who read and post there. And I doubt he's going to put up with complaints about something he's paying for.

  22. Uh, sorry about the condition of my post. I though the "ul" meant underline.

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