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    I’m sorry but your theme sucks. I always see people complaing about what problem their having or having to upgrade because you lack themes. Update the themes weekly because people are bored of the same themes. I use everytheme and it’s not worth paying almost 15US dollars because you guys fail to make your users happy.



    There are multiple free themes here at wordpress.com and if you don’t like them there are hundreds more available at wordpress.org. So you can hire a webhost and download a free template from http://wordpress.org

    The presumption that the Automattic corporation shoul give out more freebies to keep little kiddies like you happy is hilarious. Your parents can most assuredly come up with $15 for a css upgrade but that’s not really the point here. In order to actually use the upgrade you have to have experience with css editing. There is no staff support for learning CSS.

    But if you are convinced you can change corporate policy to suit your need not to be BORED and to be able to change theme daily then you will find the css upgrade free or otherwise would be useless to you anyway. Every time you changed theme you would have to edit the css.

    Please send in a feedback to staff making your case (button on the top right hand corner of any blog page).



    Feedback please from your dashboard. All you’re doing by posting here is complaining to the volunteers trying to help folks. Staff is rarely here in the forums and, when they are, it’s for a quick troll with never any follow up.

    Kind of like you complaining to your barber about aliens on Pluto and how they cause traffic jams on their planet.



    I have to say though that I also think that making the CSS upgrade free is the only way to handle the issues with themes.

    WordPress’ core strengths are plugins and themes which are both restricted on WordPress.com. I still remember how frustrated I was with themes before I bought the upgrade.


    How frustrating would it be though if it were free and a lot of people with no experience with CSS began flooding the forum with whines about their blog going wonky after they edited their CSS?



    thesacredpath – I hear that. Don’t they call that Blogger???



    Pro Bloggers seem to eventually get their own CSS edited themes, but this service is really for the masses who don’t need (or want) a custom theme themselves. Since this is a policy issue it really needs to be taken up with staff though as us volunteers don’t have any say or control on this issue.

    1) Feedback button in your blog admin
    2) Email to support @ wordpress.com
    3) Support ticket from the ‘support’ tab in this forum.




    Ummm … I know you mean that these kids can use any one of the three methods of contacting staff above. And I’m posting this just in case they think they must do all three, rather than just one.



    thesacredpath nailed it. How many screaming ALL CAPS messages do we get in the forums daily about people who’ve managed to mess up their CSS so badly their blog opens a gate into the Fifth Dimension or something? I want to increase the barrier to entry to CSS, not decrease it.

    Also, WordPress.com’s shared blogging environment and security restrictions means that we cannot use many advanced graphical features. By making even intermediate graphical features more difficult to use, we sort of select for users who aren’t that graphically ambitious, which is good, because it prevents them signing on by the millions and then howling like banshees when they realize they can’t do the entire blog in Flash or whatever. Know your audience; know your offering.

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