Let me set image width—you just take care of height

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    When I upload a graphic image—typically a photo—in the visual editor, the editor currently offers several photo dimensions (the width seems fixed, but the height can vary). The largest seems to be 470 by x, where “x” varies according to the photo proportions. I assume that this is because at one time 470 was the right width for the themes in use.

    However, I have a theme for which the natural width is 650, not 470. So every time I upload a photo, I have to go into the HTML editor and change the display dimensions of the image from 470 by x to 650 by y, “y” being set to maintain the same aspect ratio.

    Why not offer the user a chance to set the width s/he wants, and then scale the height appropriately—that is, let me enter “650” as my default width someplace, and then I don’t have to tinker with the dimensions in the HTML editor.

    Just a thought. Thanks for listening

    The blog I need help with is leisureguy.wordpress.com.


    I think when you download from the pc, you can alter it before you upload it to your post, i would never use visual as it’s so easy to alter and setup in HTML



    It’s better to change the real dimensions of the image rather than do it in HTML. The browser has to scale it when done in HTML, so it makes the page take longer to render.



    Thank you for the comments. Yes, this is a suggestion for the visual editor, which I use, not the HTML editor, which I do not.

    Yes, it’s possible to tinker around with the dimensions of the image, but I prefer to upload it full size and have it scaled to the space so the user can enlarge the image by clicking it.

    The workarounds proposed are interesting, but I’d prefer the capability to be implemented directly rather than having to use workarounds.


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    You can set you blog to display sizes as you like:
    Settings—>Media—>set sizes for thumbnail, medium, and large pictures on your site.

    You can edit the html and insert only the width you want (delete the height).

    But it is best to edit your images before you upload them: you lose image quality if you depend on wordpress to handle that for you:



    Aha! The very thing I was looking for.

    My images are not so fine that the difference in quality is noticeable.

    Many thanks.


    You can set you blog to display sizes as you like:
    Settings—>Media—>set sizes for thumbnail, medium, and large pictures on your site.

    that’s what i meant say, but 1tess put it better being an expert :)


    @leisureguy, you have 20 post’s per page and i believe the recommended number is 7 – 8, to save the visitor scrolling for ever



    Interesting. I don’t quite understand how that works, though. Presumably the visitor will scroll only to see articles, and scrolling seems easier than clicking back to previous pages. For example, when I read long articles in the NY Times, I always click the “single page” option, since scrolling through the entire story seems easier than clicking for additional pages, especially since you end up scrolling in any event (except when page size is matched to screen size—I’ve been on such sites, and I didn’t like them: I’d rather scroll).

    OTOH, I can see that having a LONG individual post would be a pain, if you were not wanting to read that post: you have to scroll past it. So I do break long posts, but scrolling through posts: what’s the disadvantage compared to paging through posts?

    I just don’t understand the drawback—which, of course, which is why I set it at 20 posts/page.



    a) If you wish to resize an image in the HTML editor, you don’t have to calculate new aspect ratios: if you enter the width you wish and delete the height command, it will scale proportionately.

    b) Which option gives you the 470 – Fullsize or Large? And which theme are you talking about? The 650/470 you mentioned doesn’t apply to the theme linked to your username (or any other wp.com theme).



    a) I had no idea. Many thanks for the tip. I had set up a little spreadsheet—and now, of course, I have set the default setting. But still, good to know.

    b) Fullsize is 470, but now that I’ve changed the default settings Large now is 650. The theme I’m using is The Journalist v. 1.9.


    You’re welcome.

    For correct maximums see here:


    That’s fine.

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