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Let my blog readers read your blog :D

  1. Just write a comment here in order to do so:
    Submit your own blog(s)

    If you have multiple blogs, you are welcome to promote them all.
    But please be careful. Post only one blog per comment! My blog interprets all comments with more than one comment as spam - not good!

    And oh, one more thing! There's no catch. I don't ask anything else from you - no backlinks or whatever. Enjoy!

  2. Do you mean "blogroll?"

  3. Um.....not exactly, commentroll maybe :p

  4. I'll give it a shot then, thanks.

  5. Oh. Fine. And my comments go poof. Oh, fine.

    I've still got my poetry...

  6. what do you mean "poof"? i will go check my spam...... :(
    did you post more than one url?

  7. i recovered your comment, rain,

    thanks for tipping me here and thanks for your comments! :D

  8. Hello sanjidabd ,

    I posted to your blog also it might
    get put in the spam section
    because my post has 2 links...

  9. gosh,
    i will check my spam folder again. sigh

  10. gamehq,
    your comment was retrieved. thanks for participating! :D

    dear friends,
    Please don't post more than one url

    if you have multiple blogs, submit one url per blog.

    thanks for understanding. :D

  11. i meant, submit one url per comment.

  12. seems like a clever way to get hits, wish i'd thought of it...

  13. it's good for everybody! :D
    i get hits, my readers get to know about new blogs and participants get hits as well!

    it's not too late to have one in your blog. that will be better! and if all bloggers here had something like this, that would be best!

    (psst: it's not an original idea at all - i was inspired by the "plug your blog" thread in the forum!)

  14. lol, except i cant acess it from work, the b l oooooooooooooo
    g word is banned, i'll have to pop in later from home.

  15. i hate workplaces.

  16. love mine :D

  17. Interesting plug!
    Here's mine: [edited]. Let's hope it boosts up my traffic. Thx.

  18. I don't understand... Not a bit. What am I supossed to do to 'submit my own blog(s)'? Do it here or somewhere else? What do I get from doing it? Please, somebody explain to me. Sorry, my English hasn't been updated since the 20th century version was installed in my head...

  19. jom22,
    When you submit a blog somewhere, it means you are submitting the url of your blog. When you do that, interested people can hop over and visit it, some might even become regulars. I reckon, you want people to read your blog. Submitting your blog does just that - it enables anyone who clicks the link to read your blog.

    (Of course, not everybody who visits is going to stick to your blog.)

    I hope my answer helps, if you were just being sarcastic, well, I didn't get it cos I 'm a dimwit.

  20. That VISITOR WIDGET from baba 1342 links to a spam site with the domain (minus the D in wordpress)


  21. Obviously, someone here (read: lettershometoyou) never went to school! Or may be s/he is just a plain dumb illiterate for missing 'd' letter in 'wordpress'?

  22. Oops...sorry with the hypo, i meant the most visited blog ever!. 'shrug...shrug' must've been doped by opera mini, or should i buy a new phone or pda?
    Btw, i apologise lettershometoyou.

  23. Lol baba! Make another funny mistakes like this and I'll blow your brain out.

  24. @sanjidabd: i'm a sarcastic person, but i wasn't being sarcastic when i asked that question.

    i still don't get it. should it do this:

    or i go to your blog and blogroll yours and tell you to blogroll mine?

  25. hurmm.. the latter seems cool.. i'll try and do that... hey, let's blogroll everybody! (^_^)

    Today's hot post is on the island dispute Pulau Batu Puteh or 'Pedra Bianca' between Malaysia and Singapore. Drop in and tell me what do you think of the topic today :-)

    ps: exchange links to my blogroll is most anticipated (^_^)

  26. rectification: spelling mistake, it's PEDRA BRANCA not 'Pedra Bianca', sorry :-)

  27. okay let me try too then... this is my personal blog:

    and this is another blog im participating in :
    (as Maria Iliadou/doll maker)


    ok, now that I have your attention, i will calm down myself.

    You are supposed to write a comment in this blog and give a link to ONE of your blogs and add a dedcription in a comment.
    Submit your own blog(s)

    thanks for doing it the way it needs to be done (ie: in a comment in the mentioned blog post)

    but i wasn't being sarcastic when i asked that question.
    oh! ok! :D

    angelfetus and nickjkirincic,
    please read the first post i made and submit accordingly. sigh...

  29. thebrokenforum

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