Let us create separate sections for posts, please.

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    Hello! I think wordpress, but there’s one problem.
    I run a spoken word poetry blog, but I’d like to also post journal entries. I do not want journal entries to appear on the same page as the poetry, though.

    I want to have a separate section (page, if you will) containing my journal entries, that is linked to off of the main page. As far as I understand (which isn’t very far), WP doesn’t do this. Please prove me wrong.



    1) You could set up two wordpress blogs under the same account.

    2) You could use “posts” for one thing and “pages” for another. Posts are dynamic by date, while pages are more static.



    engtech has given you good advice. Please also note that if you so choose you can keep journal pages private and/or password protect them if that’s your choice.
    For example on my blog here http://coyotes.wordpress.com you will see 7 visible pages which you can access and read. There are actually nine pages in total but two are marked “private” so you don’t even see that they exist and you cannot access them and read them.



    Poetry into Pages.
    Journal entires into Posts.

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