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Let us place adsense!

  1. I know right now Adsense\Adwords is not allowed and at the moment I do not have the blog statistics to even apply for such things, but in the future I think it would be great if could allow adsense.

    WordPress is definitely the best blogging tool but no Adsense is kind of a downer (For the long run with my blog). I know you guys are smart and I hope you can find a way to allow adsense without spammers and such being a problem.

    Anyway just wanted to let you know there are people out here supporting adsense for wordpress lol.

  2. This has been much discussed in the past. Engtech links to the adsense tag so that the poster can see the many previous discussions on the topic and the reasons why it's not currently allowed. (And not just due to spammers)

    I've gone ahead and deleted a number of posts as I for one am tired of repeating this discussion over and over again so lets not.

  3. cheerlessbeauty

    ...Why would want to let you make money off a service they're giving for free?

    Personally, if someone wanted to make money off a service I was giving them for free, I wouldn't let them keep the earnings, but that's just me.

  4. "Why would want to let you make money ... "

    So that you feel more inclined to buy upgrades?

  5. Most of us have been buying the upgrades just fine without adsense.

  6. kfsone, isn't this the third ancient Adsense thread you've bumped today? What makes you think the answer will change if you do that?

  7. Maybe they think drmike is malnourished and in need of steak.

  8. Mmmm..... Steak......

  9. Quite possibly. I wish there were a way to filter forum results so you could avoid certain posters and certain issues. After the fifth Adsense thread in a day, you just want to avoid them lest you get snarky. And god forbid I should get snarky: I have such a sunny personality most of the time.

  10. Could always delete on sight. Rather not do that though. Sure staff wouldn't think too highly of it either.

  11. so if i buy the upgrade, i can put adsense on it, does that mean i can edit theme

  12. no no no. You need to have the hosting elsewhere. You cannot edit your theme files directly here, because we all use the same ones, and unless you want to join the VIP program ($600 per month), you cannot have Adsense on a blog hosted by

  13. If you buy any or ALL of the upgrades and you try to put ads on your blog, your blog will be deleted. Ads are not allowed unless you're in the VIP program.

  14. Okay. So we an't have Adsense. I get that now. But can we have adCents on our blogs?? That would really help me out. Gettin' tired of the soup kitchens....

  15. Get used to them, if you expect to become rich by blogging.

  16. @ rapwaydown

    You cannot purchase an upgrade to edit a wordpress com theme. You can't have adsense on a blog. These blogs are hosted by wordpress on a multi-user blogging platform. If edits are allowed to be made to one blog that would affect all blogs with the same theme.

    But you can do both by hiring a web host and have him download blogging software from because it's different software suited for self hosting.

  17. Oh, dear me. whatever to do now. so I probally cant have adCents on it either. okay. thanks anyway raincoaster and timethief. back to the soup kitchen for me.

  18. Gettin' tired of the soup kitchens....

    Just for reference, that's not funny if it was meant to be. Some of us help out and eat at those soup kitchens and see other folks who have to do the same.

  19. Quote from drmike: "I've gone ahead and deleted a number of posts as I for one am tired of repeating this discussion over and over again so lets not. "

    So, any new member who starts a blog here at WordPress and wants to know something that you are tired of discussing gets this nasty attitude? Wouldn't it be better to direct these questions from newcomers to the old discussions/old posts? The results would likely be: Happier new users, and the appearance of more professionalism from the WordPress staff.

  20. we're not supposed to discuss policy in the forums, and adsense is wp's policy. the point drmike was trying to make is that bloggers like you should take it up with staff via feedback (top right corner dashboard).

  21. @paradoxian

    did you saw that happen or are you just trying to stir up something?

    maybe if no-one answered - since the answer is on the FAQ - you and other complainers like you would be happier.

  22. I do think as well that expecting people to do a brief search before posting a question isn't asking too much.

    In this thread, as in the vast majority here in the forums, you will not find a single comment by a single staff member. We are not professionals: we are fellow bloggers who voluntarily put in our time in the help forum. If you wish this function to be covered by staff, please send in a Feedback to staff stating so on Monday when Support re-opens. And be prepared to pay for your blog hosting, in that case.

  23. Don't know what you're thinking I'm "wordpress staff" Can you not see the avatar? (Seriously asking as I know some browsers like Netscape 7.1 don't display them.)

    Not sure why you're continuing this discussion as well since you were answered in your other thread.

    Have you seen the number of threads on the topic by the way? Please note the number. Says the question has been asked over a thousand times.

    So, any new member who starts a blog here at WordPress and wants to know something that you are tired of discussing gets this nasty attitude?

    The point being that the answer has been supplied hundreds of times in the past with the same solution presented over and over again. There is zero reason why it needs to be brought up yet again and again and again. Not sure why you're doing so.

    Now, please explain to me. Why are you having such a "nasty attitude" on the subject? There's no need for it.

    more professionalism from the WordPress staff

    There is *ZERO* professionalism with the staff. You may note that they hardly show up around here and even the head hacho is nothing but a forum troll stiring up trouble as well.

    edit: Please read teh rest of the post that you quote from. Most the posts that i deleted consisted of "Can we have adsense?" over and over again. I deleted them so folks would not see just that but maybe they would see the link in engtech's post.

    Please don't question the way I used to moderate this forum. You're new and you haven't seen tthe shit the volunteers have gone through around here in the past with no thanks from staff.

  24. @paradoxian
    (1) This is the second time I have answered you re:advertising. If you want to debate policy please contact staff after the weekend using the feedback instructions I previously gave you. And if you want to debate "professionalism" please be sure to include that in your feedback form as well.

    (2) If you want to blog and adsense or other advertising is a must for you the download the free software from and self host a blog or hire a webhost.

    Adsense and other Ads from the FAQs
    You may see some advertising on the domain.
    1. VIP blogs are able to run ads.
    2. also runs some ads sometimes and the reasons for that are explained here

  25. Timethief, he's not asking about adsense. He's complaining about posts that I deleted where folks were asking about adsense over and over again instead of reading the previous posts within that thread.

  26. But "you can leave or pay hundreds of dollars" is good advice in this case.

  27. People, people, you know the last thing I would ever do is come faux-moderator on you, but isn't this individual's resurrection of a month-dormant thread in order to snipe at the 'professionalism of wordpress staff' screaming 'troll' to you?

    Somebody lock this, please, so we can't be tempted to feed it? Oh wait, we don't have any moderators. Never mind.

  28. Hmm, imagine that. ;)

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