Let's add more color to that stats map!

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    This is a suggestion that’s probably more frivolous than the others. I understand there are bigger problems in WordPress that you need to chase down before you get around to this one.

    But wouldn’t it be nice if there was more color to the stats map? I have a feeling I’m not alone here, but I think that for most bloggers the majority of their followers are from the same country. I know mine are! So my map has the ol’ US of A marked up in a big red color.

    Then, theoretically, the other countries are colored in decreasing shades of red-orange until we go to just plain orange. Slight problem: pretty much all the red-orange is indistinguishable from each other. The second biggest number of viewers, Canada, is difficult to distinguish from a country that gets, say 11 viewers (India, let’s say). So my map turns out to be a big sea of gray and orrange with the US marked up in red. Visually, all that says is, “Most of your viewers are from the US … and some other countries.”

    So here’s my proposal: how about changing the low end color to something different? Yellow, maybe? Then you have a spectral range that goes from yellow to orange to red.

    OR! You could have it something closer to gray so the transition becomes more noticable. How about a spectrum that goes from gray to grayish blue to blue to purple to red? Why, imagine the possibilities!

    (Brought to you by the Committee For A More Beautiful WordPress.)



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