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lets earn followers?

  1. here here.. and on that note, why not check back here:

  2. I would like others to visit my blog. It basicly is about any subject. Some comic satire and just comments on current events.

  3. ghettorevolt: I left a message on your About page but it looks like it went to your spam folder.

  4. This is a wonderful idea! A bit about my blog, it's a bit of a multifaceted affair. I'm entering a whole new stage of my life by going to university at 26 years old. I want to help dispell the idea that my area is "a bit rough" and to voice my opinion on local politics and other things that happen that are ignored.

    Constructive criticism is always welcome. Bare in mind i've only published one thing so far.

  5. @awibble.
    Kudos to you! good luck!
    (and Leeds WHOOP WHOOP great place to be... wish I was back there :()

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