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Lets exchange links(political blogs only)

  1. Hey guys lets exchange links to improve our ranking,lets exchange at least 10 links!! please no cheating!! add mine to your blogroll and give me yours.

  2. I can't plug my blog here (since I do politics elsewhere and in German) but I have a question to clarify: How much variance in political beliefs will you accept?

  3. hansworldtravels

    I doubt very much looking at his site and seeing as though this is the basis of his desire, "to improve our ranking," not open discussion of politics as his list "What is a new Republican" contains contradicts between 1 & 4 and 11, 13 contradics 8, 9.

    good luck buenotc in your quest to be popular for being just you

  4. He has littered the entire forum with links to his blog.

  5. You can have my link Bubonic it's there issome politics on it, 16th century politics

  6. it doesn't matter. failure to reason is like a grain of sand sitting on a beach thoughtless through time. I don't care whats your believe, i just want variance of thought or anything of substance. i Believe in the first amendment so i wouldn't delete your link simply because i disagree with you. By exchanging links i will get new ideas and different perspectives that all..

  7. ok gentledove i'll go add you to my blogroll and add me to yours....

  8. gentle your blog is only literature!! come on no cheating...politics people be fair.

  9. No don't add me-I was being mean, I apologise

  10. why can't there be honest people in this world?

  11. There you go - I have given you another hit. :)

  12. why can't there be less one spammer in this forum...

  13. I didn't have to fess bubo and you've got a nerve to complain

  14. willrhodes1961, hits are not inportant to me. I just want to exchange links. I had alot but i deleted them because they sell advertising and copy and paste my work. I want honest bloggers thieves!!

  15. What about spammers?

  16. political poetry?

  17. Reasonable enough, buenotc. To be honest you can add for Democrats and for Republicans. Add them both if you want ;-).

  18. Please keep it to your blog and not the support forums.

  19. Yeah, RIGHT.

  20. @baba: hahaha-hahahahaha... (Read: laughmyf*ckinassoff)

  21. trent, aaaaah don't ban me for saying this but this is not the support forum....

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