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Let's have a Cbox Widget!!!

  1. Hello WordPressers ^_^

    I have a suggestion for a widget: Cbox.

    It seems from a forum search that a lot of people what to use a Cbox on their blog. A widget could make this possible! I'm assuming it would be like of like the Meebo Widget, except there are some aspects of Cbox I like better than Meebo, such as the color options.

    I'm not sure how to notify the staff or start a petition, but if anyone else out there would also like to rally for a Cbox widget, help me out here!


  2. Ohnoes, I just noticed some spelling errors :< Sorry!
    *...that a lot of people want to use a Cbox...
    *I'm assuming it would be like the Meebo Widget...

  3. sunnydaymiasma

    Here's some more info on Cbox:

    • choose the colors of every little thing including the border and backgrounds that alternate
    • delete messages you don't want
    • choose font and font size and color
    • make your own emotes!
    • lots more with upgrade
  4. Please do not keep bumping this thread. There are already many in the forum on Cbox. Have you done a search? Here are 35 threads:

  5. sunnydaymiasma

    Err, I haven't really found any that was about suggesting a widget (trust me, I searched first), and I wasn't sure how to suggest it so I thought I'd try the forums ^_^"

  6. Suggestions for new widgets are best made directly to staff. You can post in the forums if you want, but staff don't necessarily read those threads. They read everything sent from your dashboard, and they keep a list of requests.

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