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  1. What idea that you have if I say a key word "Hanuman". I hope that word inspiring you to write an article on your blog. You could response to the key word in positive or negative.

    For example, my response was;

    My article is about;
    Obama and the folklore about Hanuman

    Then now you can take your turn to leave your response

    Monkey Kingdom on Epic Story Ramayana from India.

    or you haven't ideas by that key word, your responsemean

    You'd like to wrote about Darwin Theory.

    That mean for the next queuing member by topic "Darwin" either positive or negative.
    Let's grab your idea. Thanks.

  2. I think the word we're all looking for is "huh?????"

    Monkey kingdom? Darwin theory? Obama?

    Perhaps if we made this a Wilford Brimley thread, or found a way to incorporate Spock's brain into the story, it might have more appeal. A gratuitous Dustin "Screech" Diamond reference or two never hurt a discussion either.

    Otherwise I feel like I'm reading some sort of coded message.

    I think Bjork did a song a while back called "Hanuman Behavior"

  3. Allen Wilford Brimley? Agreed. I think he is an American actor by important role in The China Syandrome.The star who has lent his support to John McCain in the 2008 U.S. presidential election.
    Otherwise Bjork, Icelandic who sing "Your Kiss Is Sweet" of Steve Wonder, I like it.
    But Huh???? I'd never mentioned in my mind. The important things has been appeal to rising up ideas become articles.
    By all mean that is positive.
    Next article on my blog is about "Screech Diamond from traditional mining area".
    Thanks a lot you have inspiring me.

  4. Kev, it definitely is a huh???

  5. syamjr, do you have a WordPress blog? Why do I see a after I clicked your name?

  6. I always wondered why the Star Trek series never elaborated on the Spocks Brain thread. It could have been an entire series on it's own. And better than Deep Space 9.

  7. I think the key is every game has a stake, which is, if you goal, someone will donate hits to you.
    That's what we played back in Sohu blogging, which happened to be a cheeky hoax. LOL~

  8. yes, but ice cream cones cannot ride bicycles, which is why one of their legs is both the same. Agreed for friend. Differ for cousin.

    I don't know...that made about as much sense to me.

  9. Yellaojrak, of course I have then I pay for 10 kredit to upgrade. WordPress has support to add my own domain Thanks for your info but if you would please to visit my blog here:Obama and the folklore about Hanuman

  10. kstafford, so do I feel closed to freind in cyberspace even I don't know where they are. I just imagine they crews of enterprise starship...hahahaha...I kiss my leg.

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