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  1. Hey guys! I made a blog on writing. Its basically anything and everything to do with writing and maybe one day I'll have some of my own stuff on there. I would love if someone could take a peek. :)

  2. thanks for your attention guys, i just visited your blog and made some comment :)

  3. I write a blog for a class at school about skiing/snowsports, it would help with my final presentation if I receive responses. I would be more than willing to follow you as well.

  4. peanutbutterbelljar

    Hi, I am, its a blog containing cooking, craft, pets, humour and thrift :)

  5. "American Liberal Times" is a Democrat, Liberal and Progressive political commentary and opinion blog by John Liming (That's me.). I am a 74-year-old American Citizen and Veteran of The Vietnam Era and I invite everyone to take a look at this new Word Press adventure I have undertaken. All constructive suggestions will be considered and thank you so much for allowing me to share the Word Press.Com Community. I love this place!

  6. Just started a blog! It's called Thoughts! Their's the link! It's a religious type of deal but later on I'm thinking of putting some of my own stories on there. I would love some feedback.

  7. What a good idea! I've been looking for feedback from folks working the same terrain. is a medically oriented (blood cancer) magazine format that straddles the personal blog and formal journalism worlds. Started almost exactly a year ago, it has been well received but it's time to upgrade design. Any ideas on Premium Themes? Any input on improving the existing format? Finally, does anyone know how to really get a table with grid lines up on his or her blog? Thanks,

  8. Hi world,

    I created my blog recently dedicated to budding entrepreneurs worldover. I'd love to read your valued insights to assist develop it into a platform for generating and sharing business ideas.



  9. This is a very cool post. Thank you for making it. my main blog is:

    And I just made a new blog called:

    Which is just about humor. I plan to check out some of these blogs on here. Have a great day.

  10. Hey guys,
    Im new to the blogging world, but if you have any interest in health or fitness check out my blog, hopefully it can help you :)

  11. thanks for share all your blog, friends..

  12. please leave any comment in my guest book

    no worries if just say hi or something like that :)

  13. I blog therefore I am...but I'm a rookie so I need to hear something on my blog other than crickets...I'll check out some of these as well...

  14. emliyflowermsp

    Mine is (Drumroll..............)

    this is my blog Looooooool

    My other 1 is Called (Drumroll...............)
    Thats maaah other 1 tho

  15. abbywaitingfortoast

    Have a look at, if you're interested in science, sewing and other odd things; will be adding new content very soon! Thankyou.

  16. many thanks for comment guys!

  17. Fiction blog, mainly short stories that hover around 1,000 words:

  18. Hi everyone,
    I just started a blog about the asylum aka my life as a stay at home mom of two kids and 7 furry ones. Even as I'm writing this my 3 year old daughter has come to show me she's attached a whistle to the back of her underwear and is calling it a tail.

  19. 365 Things I Hate About You blog is now up and running!

    It has humor, thought provoking rhetoric, and occasional references to celebrities like our newest American Hero: Kris Humphries.

    Check it out and let me know what you think! It only gets better!

  20. emilianocaballero

    Hi everybody!

    I'm Emiliano Caballero, an audio engineer/producer from Amsterdam. I run my website with my blog about audio/music news/production/techniques called:

    I'm trying to cover all the most important news from the music industry as i see. Also, i'm planing to release an eBook about music recording DO IT YOURSELF



  21. are you a trend hunter?
    are you interested in trends?
    so what?

    i invite you to take a look at my web and personal project:

    any doubt?
    just let me know

  22. bethoumyvisiononline

    I started blogging in January and love the WordPress format. I post favorite recipes, pictures of animals, flowers, the sights in our PA German area and my thoughts about life. Pretty much anything that interests me...

    Appreciate any feedback concerning organization and content.

  23. thenomadicangel

    Hello Everyone!
    I would like to introduce my new(ish) blog all about subjects and observations about life and thoughts on topics that are prevalent. I'm interested in Spiritual matters and some New Age themes...and I post my art work sometimes as little heart warming inspirations. I'm an Artist and Teacher, also a Writer many things, so little time! Please pull up a cushion and stay for a while!

  24. With today's severe weather potential and tomorrow's kickoff of Severe Weather Awareness Week, we're talking 'hazardous' weather on the "Ties to a Small Town".

    Join us in the conversation at to share your views on severe weather.

  25. Hey, Im also a new WordPress Blogger and generally writing about my travels:

    Feel free to drop by and leave some comments :)


  26. Hi!!

    My blog is

    I only started today. Would love to know if you think my story is interesting or narcisstic drivel :)

  27. Hi everyone! Roast beef sandwich fishery tree fungus uncle potato! Earwax donkey-cheese?

  28. Hi Fellow Bloggers! (^_^)

    AngelWoW (Angel Without Wings) is a goup that goes out and talks to females on the street and finds out what got them there in the first place (paying college tuition by stripping, drugs, rape, homeless, runaway, pimps, boyfriends, strangers, traumatic family life, etc.) We then try to guide/assist them in the right direction for the help they need to stay off the street permanently!
    Transitional housing, employment training and job placement, lifeskills and parental training, drug & alcohol rehabilitation, family reunification, building self-esteem, and/or simply just having someone care about them.
    Show you care and comment or come by and blog. Thanks! (^_*)
    <3 </p> <p><a href=""></a><br />

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