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  1. Everyone - I just stumbled upon this blog:

    It is honestly, the most honest, pure written journal I have yet to read on

    However, it is rated R or X perhaps????

    I found it to be quite interesting, and the most REAL blog, I have yet to read on

    Also, please check out my blog if you would.... :)

  2. Writing is the only profession where no one considers you ridiculous if you earn no money.

    -Jules Renard-

  3. With the restart of my blog I have committed to living 30 days without anger:

  4. Hi all :)
    I teach students from other countries who come to America and know very little to moderate English. My kids are AMAZING, and I also have some pretty humorous stories about the things said/done in my class. Check out my blog:


  5. Writing is a struggle against silence. keep writing!

  6. Hey everyone,

    Just checked out some of these blogs and I must say, theres some pretty insightful stuff to be found. I just started my blog. It's on upcoming films that are coming out and why I think they are going to be good. If your interested, feel free to follow me, it would be greatly appreciated as I do find films on a weekly basis that I believe will be interesting and enjoyable as well.

  7. underneathestarz

    I recently started my first ever blog using wordpress called underneathestarz. Come check it out. It's a male celebrity blog with hot photos of Justin Bieber, Nick Jonas, Trey Songs and many more!

  8. underneathestarz

    I recently started my first ever blog using wordpress called underneathestarz. Come check it out. It's a male celebrity blog with hot photos of Justin Bieber, Nick Jonas, Trey Songs and many more!

  9. Hi jaesarahman!

    Great idea on allowing sites to be posted. Its like American Idol for blogs. There are some great gems here. Well, i hope to bring value to this by sharing something that's never been done before in the history of business. Its Called LIFE- Living Intentionally For Excellence. We combined Leadership and Personal Development ( a 400 billion dollar industry) with a community like Facebook. Its helping people live the life they always wanted through quality and applicable information on the things that matter in our lives like relationships, finances, parenting, faith, family, fitness, freedom, character, pupose, attitude etc.

    Here is my blog.

    Have a great day!

  10. navywifechronicles

    Hello there! I started my blog after my husband's car accident in Iraq. I write about silly stuff, raising kids as a married single parent, crafting attempts, and life since that day two years ago. Mostly humorous, hopefully entertaining.

    I look forward to checking out these other sites on this thread :)

    Alma from Navy Wife Chronicles

  11. thanks for attention.. keep blogging !

  12. Every writer I know has trouble writing.
    Joseph Heller

  13. Hello everyone :)
    Please check out my new blog !
    Just a blog about my opinions, reviews, and random occurrences that I think you'll be interested in.

    Thanks for reading!

  14. Hi:) come check out my blog

  15. my blogg is about traveling the world:

  16. My blog is sailing Lake Michigan and the Great Lakes. Should it be in first person, or use we, as it is being written from two perspectives.

  17. Visit my blog and leave a comment. Please?
    A Random Place for Anything
    Thank you!

  18. Hi all could use some feedback on my blog, its all pretty random stuff and im never sure what category to put any of it in so really not getting seen much. thanks guys

  19. Hi all, I am a super newbie to the blogging world. I recently became obsessed with the power of natural ingredients in beauty products, and jumped into creating RAW: my all natural beauty products. As I was researching ingredients, creating recipes, and trying to show off my products, I decided I needed a spot to share my overload of information I have found with the rest of the world.
    RAW's blog will feature:

      natural ingredient uses
      DIY beauty recipes
      RAW product information
      herb gardening adventures
      and of course, givaways, promotions, and discounts

    Please take the time to visit my blog, leave some feedback/critique please, and enter the first giveaway leading up to the offical launch.

  20. Hey everyone!

    Check out my brand new blog I just started with a couple of friends.
    We talk about all things basketball with a laidback, funny tone to all our posts.
    Have a look!

  21. Hey guys!

    I have created this blog just to follow all adventures in my life and to show people how interesting living can be :)

  22. My friends and I have created a daily basketball blog. Take a look and leave some feed back!

  23. Neighbor's house burning, it was arson. Sad day.

    Video and pics on my blog.

    Our prayers are with them. Bless the police and fireman!

  24. I just started writing and I want you to tell me what do you think of my poems.

    This is my blog:

  25. Today I posted on graduation... a special time of the year for so many. Read about it at !

  26. seanshumbleopinion

    Hey Hey....I got a new blog going to blogging myself actually. Its called seanshumbleopinion and can be found at Since the odds of me ever being able to actually find a job where I can talk about movies, tv, music, and just overall pop culture news....I decided to blog about it. Please check it out and let me know what you think....thanks

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