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  1. Hi there people!

    My blog is of vain taste... it's pretty much just random posts about my interests and my life as a young Australian chick and the awkward things that happen to me.
    I'm currently studying communications (and hence am a wannabe writer-type). I love music, people, films, books, and youtube.
    Follow me!
    ...everything is alright...I'll be the one to tuck you in at night..

    okay I'll stop now.

  2. Hello everyone, some great looking sites posted on here. I thought I would throw my hat in the ring with a blog sharing my opinions on films. Some you may of heard of, others you won't have, but I really wanted to create a blog to show people that there are other films out there rather than just typical hollywood remakes.

    Please check it out if your interested in films. Thanks :)

  3. A new poetry blog i have just started.

  4. Science, fiction, poetry, society, philosophy:

  5. I have a new blog about the the tech industry, if you could check it out and subscribe it would be much appreciated!


  6. Hi we have blog about current events: News, Music, Sports, Film, A little of everything! Check it out...subscriptions and twitter follows would be greatly appreciated

    Twitter: @itsblackcurrent


  7. welcometomyescape

    Hello. My blog is

    I just recently started it and would love some followers and feedback! Please and thank you.

  8. Hello fellow Bloggers,

    Have any of you heard of Facebook? Kidding! Well, my blog, which I have had up and running for 5 years now, contains great information on leadership and personal development, but more importantly, our Facebook Like community, is on its way to a million people. The reason is we found a way to monetize on the same concepts that made Facebook so successful. Imagine everytime someone joins your Facebook community, you make money based on helping others with the same kind of material you find in the bookstore and itunes! Come take a look, and see what we are up to. The company on our blog is doing something that has never been done before in business history. Its worth a look, worth getting some great information and lastly, there is a great chance to make money. See you soon!

  9. Sorry guys and gals, its

  10. I am writing a blog on my quest for a healthier lifestyle and am posting my journey along the way with recipes I find tasty and tips that I learn.

  11. I have a website with writings and pictures from teens that don't often get the chance to express themselves, the blog is underneath the magazine section (Our Voices) and we only have a few pieces up but criticism and comments are extremely appreciated.

  12. Today on the blog...

    Old fashioned dining at one of America's rare dining cars in Lanesboro, Minnesota. Have you ever eaten in anything like this?

    Check it out at

  13. threestoriestenpoems

    I'd love for you all to come visit my blog! I talk about everything - ranging from home decor to eating a tongue every once in a while Check it out at three stories, ten poems and a blog.

  14. My blog is all about EMPOWERMENT!

  15. Small Business News!

    Want the latest small business news on a daily basis? you will find 40 to 140 new articles a day!!!

    Thank you

    Independent Association of Businesses

  16. evillatenighttv

    Photography blog... mostly.

    A Boy with Shoes

  17. check out my blog! :)

  18. happytravelling

    Two new blogs - to help businesses get more exposure online. =)

    Check them out if you're looking for jobs to be done - UK based or inform those who might be interested. Thanks.

  19. Hi Jaesarahman,

    My blog is about celebrating good teachers. Thanks for reading!

  20. Hey everyone. I would like to share my blog here and hope people stop by. Probably not for everyone but someone out here might like it.

  21. Hi there! My blog contains my writings on life lessons and other musings.

  22. Wednesday, June 27 will mark the 17th anniversary of the mysterious disappearance of KIMT anchorwoman Jodi Huisentruit from Mason City Iowa. On the blog today... part 1 of looking into the strange case.

    Read and tell us what you think about this small town television icon who has been missing for almost two decades at

    You may even help solve the mystery... never leave any stone unturned.

  23. Hey everybody :)

    I´ve started a new Blog about elektronic music, the artists and labels behind and about parties in berlin.
    At the moment my blog is written in german, so i hope its ok, that i post it here?

    Have a nice day...

  24. The Ball Winner

    Hey, I write for my Sports blog. I enjoy writing so I have it as a side project from my current education. I'd really like it to pick up though so if you guys could follow me, I'll definitely follow back. :)

    Feedback on the layout / style would also be welcomed.

  25. My blog is located at , I cover a little bit of everything. I will follow those who follow me as well.

  26. What's love worth

    I've just updated my post "what's love worth" please give it a read, it really tells the story of my personal downfall and hopes for things to change.

  27. Today... Vote and tell us what you think of the Supreme Court's decision of ObamaCare @

  28. More on the abduction of news personality Jodi Huisentruit on "Ties to a Small Town"

  29. theinsanityaquarium

    Hi there! My blog The Insanity Aquarium is soon to celebrate its first birthday: a year's full of insanity, cabbages and stories about goats await :)


    My blog is about Catholicism and my faith. If interested you could have a look at my site.

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