Letting anyone comment on my posts.

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    I have allowed anyone to comment on my posts however you still have to be signed in to WordPress to comment. How can i change this?

    The blog I need help with is indiarenee.wordpress.com.



    Dashboard >> Settings >> Discussion >>

    Uncheck – Users must be registered and logged in to comment

    Save changes



    thanks for the reply auxclass, but unfortunately i’ve already done this and it still is requiring people that try to comment on my posts to log in. Any ideas?



    I think I was able to leave a comment while logged out – but the “Post Comment” button is hidden unless you mouse over the hidden button

    As in the Spun theme sucks big time – the type is so light that the post comments section might as well be left out – useless – I had to go back to my site to see where the Post Comment button should be then mouse over where I thought the button should be – the four buttons of which WordPress is one are very easy to see – not a clue what to do other than to think about a different theme that has type that can be seen

    I will flag this for the staff, but I doubt they will change anything on the theme



    Thanks so much for your help and for letting me know! I see what you mean now and I’ll change it soon!



    Hi indiarenee, if you’re testing the comment settings on your computer, you may need to clear your browser’s cache to refresh your blog. If you or others are still having trouble leaving comments while logged out, please let me know and I’ll investigate further. :)

    @ auxclass, the light type you mentioned is part of the design of the Spun theme — to make the post content stand out in comparison — but I know that’s not everyone’s cup of tea. If a blog owner wants all of the text to stand out more, there’s actually an option for that. You can go to Appearance > Customize to open the customizer. In the Theme Options section there, you can click “Fully opaque meta” to increase the contrast on the text so it stands out (including on the “Post Comment” button).



    Another hidden secret handshake – also the “comment” bubble is not really a comment bubble – some dorky circle not a real comment bubble (rounded rectangle thing with a tail out the bottom like I see on my Android App) – so even if the blog owner uses the make things visible, a visitor sees a round circle not the universal comment symbol

    sorry not impressed with the design – and as noted above – it seems I am in the majority of visitors to their site – so the design is screwed if it is so light that things are not visible to someone with reasonable vision –

    if someone wants to make the content stand out – fine – but fix the details – the poor blog owner here has been fighting this for days with their visitors and I had to spend a lot of time to finally leave a comment – was I not trying to help the OP with a tech issue I would have just left – making it deliberately impossible for a reasonable person to leave a comment sort of defeats comments

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