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LibraryThing - please!

  1. yes, please find some way of allow us to use some reading website, whichever one that maybe, to allow us to put our current reads in the side bar!

  2. learningtofollow

    I too would like a librarything widget...

  3. Count me in on this too.

  4. I never heard of Library Thing until I found this thread but I want it. I'm an academic, one of my blogs is about research and scholarship and it would be a great way of maintaining a good reference source for me and others.

  5. Please, please, please! I need my LibraryThing widget!

  6. I enjoy Flickr - to also have a LT-widget would be perfect! PLEASE!!!!!!

  7. I was looking into Library Thing until I realized the widget was Java-- disappointment! I'd love it if WordPress had a supported widget!

  8. I want a Library Thing widget, too. I've managed to get the icon by pasting its code into an existing text widget, but I want the book covers...Please?

  9. +1

  10. I just read about it and I want one too!

  11. I just started a book blog and really wanted a LT widget. :( It would be really great to have, so add my vote.

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