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    hello, I made a genuine request for to label its javascript as libre software. Perhaps it was because I didn’t change the “blog you need help with” from my own to “None, this is a topic about using”. I appologize for that and for glancing past that menu. It was not my intention to draw traffic although I thought that was a cute option of you to provide. could I at least have the permission to keep this topic on the site? If you click “About Us”, it has a link for a “feedback form” and “letting the community know what you think”. Hello‽ I am not spamming! If you use open source software, where do you think it originated‽ It came from someone using a libre license! Therefore, you should see, this is not “spam”. This is important. WordPress is free software as is the source code of Firefox and Chromium. Again, I will mention “The JavaScript Trap” without posting its link, but you can get more information by reading that article. My request is that WordPress release their JavaScript as libre software, but I won’t post how to do that unless I am permitted since I was mistaken as “spam”. Thanks

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