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Life, Food and My Pursuit of Beauty

  1. Hey! :) So....I'm a girl who is basically pursuing "beauty". Or, in my mind what beauty is, I'm challenging myself to lose at least 5 kg, and learning how to use makeup effectively.

    I post pictures of what I eat, count my calories, post pictures of what I wore that day, and post pictures of my face (if I've decided to play with makeup that day).

    I'll also share things in my life, rants, etc. I mean, I am a teenage girl -- ofc I will have rants! haha!

    I started this blog because:
    1) a way for me to be motivated, losing weight has been something I've pursued for years....and I feel blogging can help me.
    2) Make friends ! I feel like with some blogs, it can be a way to make friends, and I want my blog to be something like that :)!

    So, I mean if you have a blog that you'de like me to see, just comment or something. Can be like a twitter thing: follow me and I follow you. If we "match" great, if not, oh well XD

    The blog I need help with is

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