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Life from the viewpoint of a geek

  1. Well, I'm more than just a geek, I have other oddities, and I hope people will find my blog interesting.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Nobody?

  3. Hello there. I read "Purim" :) It was interesting and well written too.

    I have some suggestions. Would you like to enable displaying social networking icons at the end of your posts so your readers can recommend them to others?

    Would you like to create a custom image header for your blog? There's Kubrick header generator that will take your image and make the rounded corners for you.

    And in case you haven't found it there's also a step-by-step tutorial that Staff have prepared that is very useful.

    Best wishes with your blog.

  4. Thanks for your advice :)
    I have added the social networking icons, and later on today I'll customise my header.

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