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Lifestyle theme won't let me buy it!

  1. How do I get LIFESTYLE premium theme to activate for purchase after modifying during live display? (I've uploaded and previewed half a dozen times on two different browsers, in Mac osx 10.7.4. Looks much better than Quintus, but won't transact.)


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi, there!

    It appears you are NOT the only one who cannot purchase a "Premium Theme". Theme: Everyday won't let me purchase after several "live previews" and I got an error message to "try again".

  3. Howdy Flynnblog,

    Are you on a Mac? (I am; and I'm trying to eliminate possible sources of issues regarding this error msg.) Thanks for responding.


  4. Sorry for the trouble with purchasing the theme, we're looking into the issue.

  5. MacManx,

    Thanks. Please post here when solved; I'll wait. If you need any more technical info than listed below, please ask:

    Mac osx 10.7.4
    Safari 5.1.7
    Firefox 13.0


  6. Yes, we'll post here when the issue has been resolved.

  7. Please read my response to rain coaster, as it may include a clue as to the nature of the problem. ~eric.

  8. @macmanx
    Here's the link to the comment meridagoround reffered to

  9. Yes, the issue definitely seems to be related to previewing before ordering.

  10. Well, Macmanx,

    I imagine that most folks want to preview before ordering. So I hope you are able to fix the issue soon.

    I think I'm ready to try to order again, but before I try, please answer this question regarding placement of photo into header: is the positionability of the image delicate or crude? (I had virtually no adjustability of placement in preview, making this feature seem crude to me.) What is the return policy if it performs crudely?


  11. @meridagoround I've "tested" the latest IE and Firefox and have encountered both error messages and failed transactions.

  12. My suggestion is that you bloggers simply attend to your blogging and subscribe to the RSS Feed in the sidebar for this thread. That way you will be notified when Staff have resolved this issue.

  13. This is all fixed up now, sorry for the trouble!

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