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  1. Can we please pretty please use lightbox - or something similar? It's not available for (yet). I know a lot of people already asked for this. Why can't we use this feature already?

    Thanks very much,

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It looks like thickbox appears to be enabled although somewhat covertly. If you have the socialvibe widgit visible in your sidebar you can add class="thickbox" to links to make them open up in a thickbox, which is similar to lightbox. Information on thickbox may be found here:

  3. @furluge-And I must say, that is a very nice demo of thickbox on your site! Bravo!

  4. Well thank you Jennifer. Now if I could just get the thickboxes to appear over that silly meebome chat. :)

  5. Theres actually a hack for this that doesn't require the CSS upgrade
    here is the link

  6. @t3ck-more or less what furluge is doing. :)

  7. Yep, that's exactly what I'm doing because I'm not about to pay that yearly fee just to edit a CSS file. Not when I could just self-host the thing, something I've been experimenting with. BTW I managed to answer my problem with the thickbox appearing under the meebome chat by using the text-widget to create a link that opens a thickbox with the IM chat inside of it. :D I'll post something onto my blog about it tomorrow if anyone's interested.

  8. @furluge Thanks for sharing!

  9. To anyone still interested in this the promised posting on my creative solution to get the thickboxes and Meebo to play nice is now posted on my blog. Enjoy. :)

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