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    I’m currently using lightbox2 on my blog. I’m trying to find out if it’s possible to have a single image or single link trigger a lightbox gallery with multiple images. For example:

    Say I have a post that is Titled “Bob and Sarah’s Wedding Pictures”
    The post would only contain one image from the shoot. But clicking that image will then launch a lightbox2 gallery that contains 60 images in it.

    I would also be fine with doing that with a link such as: Click Here to view the gallery.

    Is this possible? If so, how?



    Not sure this is the best workaround, but…
    1. Create a page called “Bob and Sarah’s Wedding Pictures”, upload the gallery, make it a subpage, and also exclude it from showing in the Pages widget.
    2. Link to this page from a post with an image, a sidebar image or a gallery “sneak preview” page.



    I think just a few people are going to be overjoyed if we now have Lightbox2 on WordPress.COM! :)

    Otherwise, as wpvstp suggested.


    @dreamscapestudio, could we have a link to your blog? As far as I know lightbox2 cannot be used here at which makes me think you are self-hosted using the software from If you are self-hosted, head over to as they will be far better to help you.


    Yes I am self hosted. Sorry about that… Didn’t realize there was a difference. I’m a bit of a blogging newb. Thanks for the heads up. I’m registering with .org right now…


    You’re welcome and it’s not a problem. Happy blogging.

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