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    I have just started a blog in January and am studying the themes. I have noticed that some blogs have their post summary page without the like, and share items making it look less cluttered. But I do want these check boxes under each post if that post has been clicked on. I like to use more tags on the posts so they are not full length on the posts page. Therefore I would like to not see the like and share buttons on the posts summary page. Hope this makes sense.
    PS do I have to figure out which themes have this configuration or is there a selection box to check or uncheck? If i uncheck these 2 boxes at the bottom of a new post, then they don’t show up anywhere. I notice that Sight theme users have this set up but i’m not happy with other things about that theme.

    The blog I need help with is



    Just make sure you don’t have your Settings selected to show share buttons on index pages etc and you should be fine. The setting to show only on individual posts and pages is there.

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