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'like' button

  1. How can I bring up the 'like' button on my blog?

    The theme is Wu Wei...

    The blog I need help with is

  2. thank you. I've just looked and realised the like button I was searching for comes up when I click on comments (a bubble on this particular theme) Do you know if there's a way of making the comments option automatically come up underneath the post - with it the like button - so that people don't have to click on the 'bubble' to get to these features? as you can see I'm a green blogger.

  3. @lovegusset, if you mean the internal 'Like' button, you'll find info about it here:

  4. I've worked it all out now - it was there all along, wasn't it?! - I just was always looking at the home page where everything comes in one long roll. Thanks so much. Really kind of you. I feel touched that you bothered to help a bothered blogger!

  5. You are welcome! That's is what volunteers do best.

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