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  1. I added a Like button to my posts. When I tested it (by going out of the Administrative mode) and click the Like button, it asks me for a User Name and Password. Why? I want my readers to be able to click the Like button if they like one of my posts. How can they do this if they are required to log into WordPress??? Can't a reader just click the Like button without having a WordPress account? This seems absurd.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. How is it absurd? People have to be signed in to Facebook to click a 'like' button don't they? Same thing.

  3. Can't a reader just click the Like button without having a WordPress account? This seems absurd.

    If one does not have a Facebook account they cannot use the Facebook "like" button as it's only for logged in Facebook users. The situation is the same here and I don't find that absurd.

  4. And you'd soon be sick of all the millions of spammers online clicking that button too.

  5. @thegiddygoat
    I sense that many bloggers are now placing more value on button clicking than they do on comments and I find that bizarre.

  6. @@thegiddygoat
    Now, now let's not bring up the subject of the like button spammers whose "likes" we cannot delete and whose gravatars we can't be shed of without disabling them for all.

  7. timethief don't get me sarted on the 'faux' likes, you know i'll end up falling off my cliff LOL

  8. @thegiddygoat
    I restrain myself here when I answer questions but 'm working up to my first rant post on my blogging tips blog. Please comment on one of my blogs so I have your email address as I may want to interview you. :)

  9. timethief Oooh i like the sound of a good rant post, especially about this damn like button. I'll go and leave a comment somewhere on your blog :)

  10. Thank you everyone for your candid replies. I read all the support documentation on the Like button but must have missed the part that one cannot like a post unless they have a facebook or a wordpress account. Now I know. Some of us are still in a learning curve and don't see the bigger picture unless it's spelled out for us.

  11. @barbarabarone
    Hi there,
    I hope our chatting wasn't off-putting. Best wishes with your blog. :)

  12. Like = Self Gratification.

    Concentrate on the QUALITY of your content, not how many people pat you on the back.

  13. timethief i've already been told off this month for replying to you in a thread. You're a bad influence on this Welsh lad LOL :)

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