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Like button ain't easy to use sometimes?

  1. Visiting some sites when I click the Like button (not the Facebook one) instead of recording my Like it asks me to log in. Why? And now a few sites have a pop-up window for the login box but I am blocking pop-ups for all sites. How do I Like a site without having to go through all this typing?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You must be logged into to use the like button on a free hosted blog.

  3. Even when I'm logged in I'm still getting the pop-up after hitting the Like button. Since I'm blocking pop-up's all I see is a blank box that disappears. If I'm logged in, as you say, why is the Like button still not working for me? Even after I post a comment it won't accept the Like. Since this is a change from just a month or so ago, what benefit does it bring to do it this way instead of the prior way? Oh, and how do non-Wordpress users - those who cannot logon - get to express Likes?

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