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Like button customization - widgets or code?

  1. Have a look at the website

    They have made a study of what makes good content go viral and apply their strategy to content they curate from elsewere on the internet. They are absolutely killing it on social media. Check this out:

    In addition other strategies (like having a killer title) they have augmented their social media elements to be very prominent.

    My question is how can I make my posts have exactly the same kind of custom elements as theirs:

    1) large like buttons that can be put anywhere in the text (see the link?)
    2) floating facebook and twitter sliders in the left sidebar that look like the ones on upworthy (slide 39 from the above link)
    3) pop-up with request to like on facebook (slide 40)
    4) hover thinger that peeks out after you scroll down the page and asks you to like it (slide 41) (really want this!)

    These features could supercharge any blog that is aiming to make content go viral.

    I've played around for days trying to get plugins to do this but I guess I'll have learn to do some coding. For example I can't find a like button plugin that allows both custom button images and shortcodes for placement.

    Can anyone help point me in the right direction to get started with these projects?


    Ben Irvine

    The blog I need help with is

  2. to get google wedget to my blog? me

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