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Like Button In Reader Not Working

  1. Well,most of the time over the last week or so it has only been working randomly. I check the post and I see that the like I made in the reader does not show up on the actual blog I liked. But just now when I hit like in the reader it doesn't even turn yellow and add the number. Just wonder if anyone else is noticing this.

    I have tried emptying the cache, deleting cookies, getting out of firefox, rebooting computer, but nothing seems to get it to work consistently.

    It seems to be okay for a while then stops working after a number of likes.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I tagged another thread on the same issue for Staff support. Please see here >

    Interestingly enough I want the like button and the reblog button in the Reader removed and so do many others. It galls me that anyone would have the audacity to click either button on an excerpt of a post in the Reader or in email without clicking in to read the entire post on the blog, thereby creating a page view stat.

  3. Well, there a re a lot of good reasons for them. I never use reblog, but Like is often a way of saying hello to blogs you know without having to open up every blog which is much more time consuming. You can read them later. Never underestimate the community here. I know many of the people we interact with were met via Like buttons. Or clicking on the Gravatar of others who have liked the same post. There is a like my post, I'll like yours dynamic that runs across WordPress. All I can say for sure is that traffic at our blog rose dramatically, I am talking like 5-700% dramatically since the Like buttons were introduced. If they were removed I am sure you would never hear the end of it.

  4. We know each other and that's why I will post this sarcastic response and then not post again.

    Oh right! I completely forgot that what blogging is all about, silly me. Blogging is all about increasing traffic and ad clickers. It's all about quantity in terms of clicks and $ and acquiring followers who never comment and like button clicker without any information at all on Gravatar profile pages, so we can claim bragging rights, don'tcha know? It's really not about forming quality relationships, now is it?

  5. thereporterandthegirl

    I don't think the Like/Reblog button should be removed. As I often open up a blog post in another window, then I go back to the reader and "Like" it and move on to the next post.

    But now especially in the last week (and on three different computers) it hasn't been working. I'll go back and re-like a post in the reader and the count will double (so I'm liking 2 or 3 times) but when I refresh the page, most of my likes are gone!

  6. This thread here is tagged for closure.

    Post into the main thread here please which is tagged for Staff support so you do not fall between the cracks.

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