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Like Button Not Appearing

  1. helĂ˝
    I can now turn on all my like buttons but I dont seem to be able to turn them off on the front page only...we would prefer to show the like buttons as previously..not on the front page but on the individual posts.

    ..thanks everyone

  2. I'm not sure if we can revert to not displaying the link button and the social network sharing buttons on the front page or not. I'm flagging this thread so we can get a definitive answer form Staff.

  3. Staff,
    Is it possible revert to not displaying the like button and the social network sharing buttons on the front page or not?

  4. Sure, you can control that via Settings -> Sharing.

  5. @macmanx
    Thanks. DUH ... why I didn't I look before posting (red-faced).

    You now have your answer. :)

  6. No worries, you're welcome!

  7. Im afraid that doesnt quite work for me :( ...

    if I go to settings/sharing and click "turned on per post" it will hide all likes everywhere....then editing a post and clicking "show likes on this post" it will show them both on the post and on the front page for that post..

    vice versa, if i turn it on "for all posts", it displays them all but then turning them off in the post editing, it will turn them off completely for that post.

    so essentially either showing on both homepage and post or nothing at all per post.

  8. On that same Sharing pages just above the section you describe see this:
    Show buttons on
    ___Front Page, Archive Pages, and Search Results

  9. ah..but this now hides the sharing buttons too..its only the likes we dont want on the front page but on the posts...

  10. Oh dear, that's a new problem. We're looking into it.

  11. Sadly, I was wrong. There is no way to remove Likes from the front page at this time.

    The switch at Settings -> Sharing is a master switch, either on or off completely.

    If you set it back, you'll get your Like buttons back.

  12. aha..Im sorry ;)

    ....but it worked fine like that until this morning..."sharing" on both frontpage and the posts and "likes" only on the post pages..

    I think we actually used to have the likes turned off in the individual post editing and it would then not show them on the front page but it would keep them on the post page..but im not 100% sure now which way we had ticked the boxes, but it was displaying them as mentioned.

  13. Yes, prior to the change mentioned earlier in the thread, there was no way to display Likes on the front page.

  14. ah okay!....shame, but thanks for the support

  15. I've read all of the thread and understand that there was a hiccup in the system about the same time I began having this problem, 4/23/2012.

    This morning, I changed and then changed back Settings --> Sharing for "..all posts" and "..per post" respectively. A few individual posts I've ensured still have the Like Button checked. Still no like button.

    It is for all posts, past and recent (within the problem week). The problem still exists, at least for me anyway, with Brand New Day theme.

  16. Sorry, maybe I've missed it, but I have read all of the thread.... I have the like button on my blog but if you click on it it doesn't work. If I understand correctly, we just have to wait untill the problem is fixed bij the staff? I don't have to do anything else to fixe it?

  17. Is this thread still active? Or resolved? I still have problems.

  18. You changed the other thread, where I was talking about the Facebook "Like Button" not about the wordpress like button....

    Anyway. If I choose "Official Button" on sharing options, the facebook like button doesn't show. I have to choose "text+icon" to make it visible, as a "sharing button". I prefer the lke, it's so much easy, but it's gone for the last two weeks and I posted about it in maybe 4 or 5 threads.

    Have you abandoned me? Why can't we add a facebook like button on our posts anymore?!?!

    And please, next time you close a thread and move the talk to another one, make sure we're taling about the same "like":

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