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    I have one reader reporting that she cannot see the post Like button but can see the Like buttons on comments. (See My settings in the classic editor are just the opposite. Like button is on for all posts, off for all comments.

    I tried everything. Can’t figure out what’s going on.

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi there,

    It sounds like something going on on the reader’s end, for I see what you see. Do you happen to have that reader’s username? I can take a look for them to see if I can see what they are seeing.




    She just signs as Michelle. You can see that in the comments I linked.


    I will need her to send me a screenshot of what she sees on her end. Comment likes are not enabled on your site, so she shouldn’t be able to see them.



    She included a link to a screenshot in the comments:

    It looks normal to me, except for the post “Like” button not showing as it does for me and other readers. I told her I don’t have comment Likes enabled, so I don’t know what she was seeing.



    I just left a comment for Michelle to come here to discuss it with you, but the post is aging and I don’t know if she is monitoring older comments.



    Hi there,

    This looks like a issue with their web browser. You can tell them to try the following:

    * Clear their cache:

    * Check that JavaScript is enabled and supported by their browser:

    * Disable any ad-blocking and security extensions on their browser

    * Check that they’re using the latest version of their browser:

    * Try another browser:



    Thanks. I’ll pass that along if she comes back to comment again.



    Still having problems. Two readers have reported being able to see the Like button but that it doesn’t work for them, doesn’t record their Like. This is being reported on this post:

    I’m at a loss. My settings are for the Like button to be there.



    Hi, @windwhistle

    The most likely reason Michelle doesn’t see the button at all is because we’re unable to detect that she’s logged into her account. If she’s using Safari, this is caused by the “Prevent Cross-site Tracking” setting in Safari’s security preferences, or else an anti-tracking browser add-on blocking our login cookie could be the culprit. For Safari there’s no way to mark certain sites as safe, so she would have to completely disable that setting. For a browser add-on, she should be able to tell the add-on to add an exception for your site.

    (Re comment likes, it’s possible for someone to like comments via the notifications drop-down or via comment notification emails even if you have them disabled on the site itself. In that case only the person who made the comment will see the like in their own notifications.)

    For the other two users who are seeing the button but it’s not working it could be the same issue, that were not able to properly detect they’re logged in, but it could also be something in their browser blocking the code the button needs to work.

    I’ve tested the Like button on your site, and the issue is definitely not with your site, but with the individual browser set-ups of the people having the problem. So it would really be best if each of them can start their own thread here so we can troubleshoot with each one individually.


    I’m logged in – my little tiny round face-avatar is present and all features present when logged in are available – so definitely logged in. I use Chrome and Win 10 OS. Everything is updated. I build event registration websites so I continually dump my cache and use developer mode. The “Like” button just disappeared. I made a comment about it in Pied Type’s post asking why she turned it off (which I found out she had not) and someone “Liked” my comment so that suggests they, too, were no longer able to see the post’s “Like” button (not the “like” button per each comment). I haven’t really explored it much further but will peruse other blogs and see if I can see the “like” button in other sites. I will also turn off my ad blockers. I did recently add a new ad blocker to Chrome. I haven’t checked in Firefox, so will do that, too. I’ll get back with you on this. I’ve been up working late and need to get a bit of sleep now.

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