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Like button not working

  1. I have had three or four comments from people saying that the "Like" button is not working on my site but they were able to use the Like button on other sites. Are other people having this issue? I don't want to miss out on Likes.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The like button, like every other in-house use only like button (example: Facebook) can only be used by those who have registered username accounts when they are logged in to

  3. Likes are not page views. In fact, likes and shares are misleading when you are talking about page view stats. Your followers and anyone with a blog who is logged into can "like" and "share" your posts in several locations such as the Reader without ever clicking into your blog and creating a page view stat. See here for what I do to compel readers to read posts on my site >

  4. I don't want to miss out on Likes.

    Do be aware that there are like button spammers who click many like button just to get you to follow them back to their sites via the gravatar profile page linked to their image. We cannot delete any likes left by others.

  5. They were able to make a comment and have used the like button before so I don't think its a issue with them not having a account. I had this same thing happen to me about two days ago on a blog I follow, so I am not sure if there is an issue with my blog or a bigger issue. But thanks for your help.

  6. Thanks for the additional information. If they are logged into and are running one of the browser versions here this ought not to be happening to them.

  7. It's funny that after I started my blog I now get a ton of spam!

  8. We all get tonnes of spam. The vast and overwhelming majority of all so-called information on the internet is spam. Over 80% of all so-called comments submitted to blogs every day are spam.

    The worst of all spam containing malware and viruses is not sent to us. It's removed as it could bring down many blogs if opened.

    On the spam that Akismet catches it takes only seconds to click "empty spam" and you don't even have to click "empty spam" if you don't want to. Akismet will maintain comments it has caught for 15 days from the time they were received, and then it will delete the comment automatically.

    If you get spam that slips by Akismet then mark it as spam (do not delete it) and over time Akismet will learn it's spam.

    There is no such thing as eliminating all spam and Akismet is handling your spam correctly. Please don't brood about this. For more information please take the time to read "5 things every blogger should know about spam" on this page Akismet: How it works

  9. I agree it should not be happening but I use both Firefox and IE with the latest updates and I had the same issue. It only happened to me onetime so maybe it's a cookie issues or something along those lines.

  10. Let's hope it was a transitory glitch of some kind.

  11. Well just had another comment "I keep trying to click the like button and I can’t. But wanted to say “very cool” Something is going on.

  12. I'll try clicking the like button on your most recent post using my three browsers and report back here.

  13. FF18 - no problem
    liked and unliked

    Chrome 23 - can't like
    error message: requesting a log-in when I am logged in

    IE8 - can't like
    error message: requesting a log-in when I am logged in

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  14. So there is an issue! Thanks for all of help!!!

  15. Yes, there is a browser related issue and you're welcome.

  16. I hope they fix it soon!

  17. Hello scott2608, I had no problem liking one of your pciture in Chrome on OSX, but I was unable to using IE9 on Windows 7. I will let our engineers know right away and I'll get back to you when I have an update.

  18. Thanks, Richard!

  19. Glad to see this forum as I am also having a "like" issue by a non-Wordpress blogger that has liked my posts before. Thanks for looking into it.

  20. a "like" issue by a non-Wordpress blogger that has liked my posts before

    The like button, like every other in-house use only like button (example: Facebook), can only be used by those who have registered username accounts, and only when they are logged in to

  21. Looks like I misunderstood. Thanks. Too bad not any reader can "like".

  22. You're welcome.

  23. Hi scott2608,

    So I got word back from our developers, and they're working on a fix for this issue, but I do not have a timeline yet for when it'll be fixed. If you notice it elsewhere other than on your site, please give me the particulars (site address, which browser you were using), as that will be helpful on making sure this is fixed. Thank you!

  24. Using Firefox I can´t get the likes through on all the posts I want to.

    Here is the link of the discussion in case the details are somehow helpful in finding the solution.


  25. Hi there, thanks for the link to that other thread. As I mentioned, it is definitely a known issue. I've passed on your report. Thanks!

  26. Hi, when is the next hot fix going out?


  27. Hi Scott, unfortunately I do not have a timeline for this.

  28. lagottocattleya

    Thank you for being a great host! Now today I have had followers not being able to click the " like" button. This happened since you changed so that not all gravatars can be seen without an extra click. I have tried myself too, but there is only the word "like" (gilla in my case)and no button? I use FF.

  29. lagottocattleya

    Hi again! A closer look - and I think I can discern a blue star under the first gravatar in my display of "likers". The button seems to sit UNDER the gravatar?
    I am at

  30. HI, folks,
    I'm experiencing the "Like" button thing now, too.

    It seems hit-and-miss. The only reason I was made aware of it is that 4 of my daily readers, 3 of whom are also bloggers on WP, mentioned it to me. All 4 of them have been reading/Liking my blog for months, so it's not a familiarity issue.

    It does seem to have coincided with the new display which "hides" some folks who've "liked" a post, and the removal of the "like" option on a re-blogged post in the toolbar at the top.

    Again, it doesn't seem to be consistent, since I am still seeing "likes" hit. But when these folks tell me they couldn't Like the post, independently of one another, I have to trust them.


    Thanks for the assistance.

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