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  1. Hello,

    i would like to add an like button on my page.
    I cant find any tutorial without Addon using.

    Is there maybe a way in "Options -> Sharing", or some other way ?

    I think the not-available FB-like and +1 buttons are a big lack , why isnt it standard implemented?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. See also Add Social Media Buttons to Your Sidebar or Footer

  3. Well thanks for the fast replie.
    But i dont want to have the buttons in my footer or widget, i want them under the posts.

    The wordpress-like button is in the right area, but im talking about facebook and g+. There are share buttons for fb, g+, twitter, etc. in the same area but no like/+1,
    So the question how to add an like and +1 button right there? - to show they like this post - not the whole homepage.


  4. If you are referring to the like box widget provided by Facebook or the one provided by Google + we cannot use them on hosted blogs.

  5. (not mean written:)

    This is actually realy stupid. How is this explicable ?. Why isnt it standard implemented?

    Its working fine in .

  6. I'm sorry but our software is different. This is a multiuser blogging platform.

  7. I have seen the option where you can add like button under each post. I see them in the preview, and sometimes also after I publish. They disappear afterwords.

    Here's the link for reference.

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