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"Like"-ed posts not showing up in Site Stats. Why?

  1. Hi. I sometimes encounter situations where it seems the page views under the Site Stats do not accurately reflect the number of actual views. Today it happened again. It's been a couple hours since I published today's post, and already two different users have "like"-ed it, and yet the Site Stats indicate nobody has viewed the post at all. This has happened before. Is it possible to "like" a post without viewing it? Perhaps I'm just not understanding something about how this works. (I hate to sound greedy about views, or sound like I can't believe my stats would be low, but no views at all when it has already been liked twice doesn't seem right.) Thanks in advance for any advice or clarification.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. All visits to your site, from visitors with or without a account, should be counted. Could you make sure that your blog is set to the correct timezone in your Settings -> General please?

    Let's pretend I am subscribed to your blog. You publish a post and it appears in my reader. There are two ways I can "like" your post:
    Ican "like" button in my reading list above your post;
    or I can click into the blog, read the post and click the "like" button.

    Also note it does take time for stats data to update. What I recommend is to wait and see if it rectifies. If it doesn't then we Volunteers can't help you with this issue, you will have to contact Staff

  3. Your e mail subscribers can like your post without seeing your post. Same for RSS subscriber. So don't bother yourself about it.

  4. Edit: replace "Ican "like" button "
    with "I can click the "like" button ...

  5. And people who read your post on "Tag Surfer" can "like" them without actually visiting your site.

  6. Thank you timethief and hnsaifi for your helpful replies!

  7. Thank you 1tess!

  8. You're welcome from me.

  9. echo welcome from me too!

  10. I noticed the same issue, i think its said that people can view your post and that it is not counted in your stats. It is miss leading information and i think we can conclude that the actual views in your stats are not correct, probably more people viewed your post but it is not counted.

  11. Thanks for your response, katochores.

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