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Like everyones opinion on feedjit.

  1. How many of you have the feedjit live traffic widget on your site? Do you like it, and does it actually generate more hits? Can you actually contact all one time visitors once they show up on the feedjit meter? I have read up on it some, and still am undecided on whether I want it on my blog site or not. Appreciate all input, pro or con.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I've never heard of it.
    But I just started blogging a few days ago =P

  3. Okay, well, I think you will be educated on it...soon, if you continue to recheck this posted question.

  4. Or, maybe not.

  5. How many of you have the feedjit live traffic widget on your site?

    Please take note that we cannot use the javacript version on blogs. I use the non-javascript version of feedjit on my site.

    Do you like it

    Yes, I like it

    and does it actually generate more hits?

    No and that's not what it does or is intended to do. The feedjit live tracks visitors to my site and tells me:
    Arrival or Departure - when the came and how long they stayed
    Browser used
    Operating system used
    URLs for the pages they hit on (which posts they arrive to read)

    Can you actually contact all one time visitors once they show up on the feedjit meter?

    No I cannot "contact" the visitors. As I have the non-javacript version of the widget there is no personal identifying information provided.

    I have read up on it some

    Feedjit is the world's largest provider of real-time traffic widgets. Our real-time products are used by more than half a Million publishers and Feedjit serves more than One Billion widgets every month to more than 150 Million people.

  6. There are multiple third party visitor tracking syatems that we can use on blogs, provided we use only the non-javascript versions. Some are live tracking systems and some are not.

    1. Visitor tracking on blogs
    2. Real time visitor tracking (non-JavaScript) for blogs
    3. getclicky real time stats for blogs

  7. I like it, and use it. Very thorough information about your traffic.

  8. Thanks Timethief, well, I actually have it on well, on my regular website, just trying it out..which, I got via your site...
    I've had a lot of folks complaining,,, and did some reading @ the feedjit site on it. I really don't think that it is anymore intrusive than any of the major social network sites, which, most of those doing the complaining are members of. How worried are they about a live traffic indicator when they offer an open window to the entire twitter world? Basically, I just don't want to put anything on the wordpress site that may possibly detour folks from visiting. On the other site...I, on the other hand...intend to not only keep it, as it provides a service that I otherwise have to open an entire other stats page to see instantly, but I would also like to use what they advertise on the feedjit almost the first line: See the live traffic, and even contact them. Anyway, thanks again for your voluntary time spent here in these rooms... great work.

  9. Thanks to everyone for their response to this post.

  10. @sonsofthunder
    I have heard some bloggers complain also but that wasn't here at and it wasn't about my blog or any other blog.

    It didn't take many questions to uncover the fact that they don't have a clue that their visits are being invisibly tracked everywhere they go on the internet. They click on advertising of social networks sites like Facebook! That means their username will not be concealed as it is on the interent, but is traced to their profiles page(s) do internet marketers and advetisers and other data miners can acquire their personal information.

    One turned out to be a lady who faithfully visited a site everyday that she gave me the link to. She called it an "outstanding" non-invasive site and believed that wasn't tracking visitors because she couldn't s"see" any tracking taking place. I didn't know how to break it to the poor lady that it's a PPC (pay per click) site and they have the most sophisticated visitor tracking any site can have. Moreover, all of the data is feed back to the advertising outfits they are affiliated with.

    I simply told her this: The primary lure for getting those with free visitor tracking accounts to divvy up for paid accounts is so they can have invisible tracking instead.

  11. @sonsofthunder
    BTW if you want a less intrusive button style visitor tracker you can get one from whosamungus. In that case you will have to email to get the HTML code (non-javascript) for their "Small Widget" that we can use on blogs

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