"Like" is not liking

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    I’m clicking “Like” on a post by one of my favorite WP bloggers and… nothing.

    Well, OK, I’ve done this long enough now to know that SOMETIMES it’s not that it’s not recording the Like, it’s that it’s not refreshing and <i>SHOWING</i> the Like right away. It’s an annoying little glitch, but easily worked around…

    So I refresh. Hmm. Still no Like. Maybe it didn’t hear me? Click Like again. Refresh. Rinse and repeat indefinitely, and then come to the Forums.

    Why isn’t “Like” liking anything today?

    The blog I need help with is akagringita.wordpress.com.



    Hi. Do you have an example of a post you liked?

    You can also try the following tips and refreshing the page to see if the like shows up:

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